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Struck Island


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There’s something about a picturesque island with idyllic surroundings that makes your heart ache for its inhabitants. It’s no wonder then, that struck islands capture the hearts of people all over the world.

From the refugees who fled their home countries to find refuge on these islands to the tourists who often take a break from their hectic lives on these islands, everyone has a story to tell about their struck island. In this blog, we will be discussing a specific struck island – Struck Island.

All About Of Struck Island

Struck Island


Struck Island was first discovered in 1619 by Dutch explorer Pieter Dirck van der Donck. At the time, it was uninhabited and named “Zierikzee”, after a nearby island. The island’s only occupants were copper miners who arrived in 1879.

By 1912, the mines had closed and the population dwindled to just three people. In 1937, Struck Island was surveyed by an American team of naval officers who were searching for a way to establish an airstrip and naval dock on the uninhabited island.

After analyzing the remote location, small population and low travel cost from North America, it was decided that Struck Island would be ideal as a U.S Naval Air Station during World War II .

Establishing this dump site for ships would give them more places where they can dispose of their waste – besides giving them easier access when traveling through the North Atlantic.



Struck Island has a tropical, equatorial climate with an average temperature of 21 degrees Celsius. The island is also subject to hurricanes which can cause extensive damage.

At the time of its discovery, the only inhabitants were copper miners who arrived in 1879. By 1912, the mines had closed and the population dwindled to just three people who remain on strike island today. The majority of residents are American military personnel in the islands. The military are responsible for about half of the island’s economy.

The Dutch Pilots Guild which was originally associated with Pernambuco, Brazil continues on this island to preserve some traces and provide a little bit of tourism in an isolated region that is known as “the end of all atlantic flights”.


Struck Culture

There is no official culture on Strike Island but the military has instilled a sense of order and shape to the island’s cultural landscape. There are military-run clubs, churches, schools and stores that cater to their needs. Military personnel go through a 17 week training program.

Today, the government of Struck Island is part of The Bahamas Air Command and consists only of American military members who protect this island from pirates, hostile countries – namely Cuba – and friendly vessels attempting to visit or dock there with malintent.



The politics of Struck Island are strictly military as the only elected officials are the Commanding Officer and Deputy Commander. There is no government or legislature on the island, leaving all governing authority to the military.

The economic situation is also very limited with a predominantly military population and few opportunities for employment outside of their occupation. The most common occupations are military service and maintaining the infrastructure for their base.


Baleise Island geography

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, Struck Island is about 6 miles east of Nassau, The Bahamas Islands. It has a distance from Mosquito Cay west to Dry Land Creek at an approximate distance of .2 Ark 3° 25′ 36″ N by 57° 42′ 49″.

There also exists another small Firestone rock which could be Southbound deep water at 51.20′ South latitude east longitude 3.34′, is a few miles from the southern tip of Struck Island, northward to Dead Reef and southward the same distance at 57° 53′ 28″ N to 52° 55′ 21″.

Government services

Government services

There are no hospitals or clinics on the island and all medical care is provided by the American military. There are also no stores, only a small post office that primarily handles mail for the military personnel stationed on the island.

There is no electricity or water provided by Government and all residences are equipped with their own generators. There is an airfield on Struck for military planes, but it was never used as a runway due to the depth of the ocean floor.

Struck Island was first settled by colonists in 1948. There has been little development of the island due to poor quality deep water and because Struck is a Class 3 small-cruiser anchorage that also provides useful reference points for large vessels entering the harbor, as well sea canyons on either side make docking difficult.


Struck island Tourism

In the 1990s there was a small tourist industry that operated from Struck Island dock but it has since ceased operation. It is possible to visit the island on an organised tour with private boat operators, however this is not feasible for most people as travelling to and from the island costs a significant amount of money.

Struck Island has been a popular location for filming with some television series and movies being filmed on the island.


Struck boat

There is no regular transportation to or from the island and visitors must either charter a boat or use private transport. There are four US military installations on the island, Cactus Air Base (USN), NAB Struck Sta, and NAS North Island as well as a Coast Guard Station.

The Dock at NAB Struck contains approximately 40 recreational vessels for use by visiting personnel purchased with appropriated funds from non-appropriated naval operational accounts through annual requisitions submitted to Congress by Commander , Commandant.


Struck Cuisine

There is no permanent population on the island and food cannot be brought in, so most visitors rely on restaurants located on land. The cuisine of Struck Island is similar to that found in other small islands nearby, featuring fish and seafood dishes as well as some locally produced fruits and vegetables. History

In the late 1800s a small community of Civil War era naval vessels were built on Struck Island, this included three armed tugboats and a water tank.

Post war plans for the island were redesigned to primarily mining operations in an effort by international investors through Shell Oil Company to mine oil from deep sea seeps around San Nicolas Basin near Point Conception that was later abandoned due its high cost of extraction.


Struck Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. It’s not far from American Samoa or Tonga and was first sighted by Europeans on March 11th, 1722. Its official name is Ducie Island and it was named by English explorer James Cook after William Ducie, the fourth Earl of Bute.


1.What Is The Population Of Struck Island?

Ans: There is no permanent population on struck island, however occasional people visit it in order to explore its beauty. As of 2016, the population was unknown.

2.Where Does Struck Island Lie?

Ans: Struck Island lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, about halfway between American Samoa and Tonga.

3.How Big Is Struck Island?

Ans: The size of Ducie Island is 29.9 square miles and it has a land area of 19.7 square miles, making the island slightly larger than Manhattan Island in New York City though almost half its size is water alone (57.5%). Ducie has an impressive coastline that covers 93% of its total surface area (1).

4.Where Can One Find Information Regarding Struck Island?

Ans:  The local newspaper The Cook Islands News often features news about Struck Island on their website at

5.What Are Some Tourist Attractions?

Ans: Schooner Danae : This 19 foot vessel has been in existence since 1912 and is currently moored beside a place called the “Tears of Kia” which was once where all slaves were chained.

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