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The Nightmare Before Christmas FAQs




The Nightmare Before Christmas FAQs

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We live in a world of absurd and impossible things, but there is one thing that never fails to amaze us. That is the classic tale of The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s a story about a Jack Skellington, who is the king of Halloweentown and its inhabitants. He starts off as a friendly Santa Claus-like figure, but after having fallen under the spell of an evil witch, he transforms into an evil monster.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with The Nightmare Before Christmas, it is a Tim Burton classic that has become one of the most successful animated films of all time. It features a cast of cute characters, fantastic voice acting, and a story that will stick with you for years to come.

The Nightmare Before Christmas FAQs


Will There Be Nightmare Before Christmas 2?

At this moment, there have been rumors of a sequel to The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is not yet confirmed whether or not we will be getting one. This would really depend on how well the second film did at the box office and held its fan base with subsequent sequels.

Is The Nightmare Before Christmas Creepy?

To be honest, even though there are little girls with zombie costumes selling Halloween candy on every corner, this movie is a lot scarier than most people think it actually is. In reality, the whole story was inspired by Tim Burton’s childhood and experiences growing up in Burbank California.

What Is The Story Of Nightmare Before Christmas?

The story, as it has been retold so many times here and around the world, comes down to a Jack Skellington who goes on vacation for Christmas break. Like all sensible people would do in that situation, he decides to visit with his neighbors before going home. Little does he know; these delightful little creatures have fallen under the spell of an evil witch named Okogie Boogie.

They must banish her magic into another dimension!

Who Was Jack Skellington Before He Died?

Jack Skellington   was an old, bitter man who has lived for thousands of years. He decided to head on a trip and didn’t tell anyone about his life or why he is going away. At this point in time, Jack feels like he needs a break and will go visit the Lonely-Hearts Hotel where all the other Christmas ghosts are residing while they wait until January 2nd rolls around again so they can celebrate their holiday with loved ones once.

Is Jack Skellington The Guy From Corpse Bride?

Yes, the guy from Corpse Bride. In fact, there is a moment in this story that closely mirrors one of his signature tricks.

Why Is Okogie Boogie Afraid Of Jack?

It’s not really so much afraid of him as it is just plain old’ jealousy. Okogie Boogie used to child actors in his acting troupe, but they all got fired at the end of one unsuccessful production after another and were declared surplus talent by some human-looking executives. Jack Skellington was there too and he made an offer known only to himself…to take a few of these desperate little souls on as part time employees while.

Is Corpse Bride The Sequel To Nightmare Before Christmas?

No! Nightmare Before Christmas is a horror film, and Corpse Bride follows a much less stressful genre.

Well, What Does Jack Want For His Birthday?

For many long years he has been in mourning over the loss of Hallowe’en that caused him to go into hiding half-way through Ghost Hallo’s first production season. After countless nightly rendezvous with Marge Duvall, he figured it was time to get a new hobby.

Are Jack And Sally Married?

Yes, in secret.

Is Jack From Another World/Dimension? How Did He Get Here?

He doesn’t have a clue how he got to this strange place…and frankly it would be nearly impossible for him to book passage on any ship, or plane even without all that fancy technology they’re using now since they locate stuff like UFO sightings and car chases as junk news by the minute these days. He was also unable to venture.

Where Do Jack And Sally Live?

That’s a secret. Some of it you can guess, and the rest is just placing that people have lived in for many years from stories passed down to receive on long car trips…or maybe one day Sally was there but Jack wasn’t so he does not remember her visit here yet.

Do They Currently Have A Theme Park Or Amusement Park?

Well, it appears that Hallowe’en Town wasn’t really all Tim Burton built on his own. There are numerous parks throughout the masked world where child-sized versions of Sally hide and Jack can let them run around without adult supervision while he pursues one building project after another. Oh, dear I sound like Monty Clift.

What Is Sally Made Of?

A mix of clay and plastic let to harden when baked in the sun naturally over many years. Although her character was originally aimed for a more traditional American stick-figure look, Tim Burton decided she needed something whimsical that would inspire Broadway audiences into laughing uncontrollably at all her mirthful antics…and their reality too upon viewing them daily on TV it seems.

How Much Has Nightmare Before Christmas Made?

Well, it’s been measured in the billions, I think. Considering that stuff is never very consistently sold, it may just be more than $6 billion. That’s not a bad day any time at all to me!

Why Are There Orange Blobs On Her Pumpkin?

They’re Jack-o’-lanterns…in preparation for Halloween though they’ll turn black and frightening as usual one night when you go trick or treating.

Is Frankenweenie Corpse Bride And Nightmare Before Christmas?

No but if you like lovable characters and movies with monsters, the following features will be right up your alley.

What Horror Movie Are Sally & Jack From?

A bucket full of them! . although many have been listed previously on this page, they all appear to give a different name. Video: Full Movie 1st Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas (1993) – featuring lyrics.

Who Did Johnny Depp Play In Nightmare Before Christmas?

A cold, wisecracking magician who wields a black-and-white cat that he conjures from his hat.

Who Did Henry Sellick Direct?

Flash–forward – (1998): A man is kidnapped by two men posing as police officers and held hostage in a museum for 25 years; this film features Jack’s death second appearance in Tim Burton’s Nightmare Before Christmas because the first was voiced over musical number on Halloween night.

What Is The Bad Guy’s Name In Nightmare Before Christmas?

It’s a mouthful, but it’ll do for now.

Who Did Alec Baldwin Play In The Remake?

(2002) – Johnny Depp again appeared as Jack Skellington / Sally after Tim Burton passed on to direct the movie that became Nightmare Before Christmas”.

How Tall Is Jack Skellington In Nightmare Before Christmas?

Featuring a new song and new characters, that suddenly vanished from the scene.

Who Did Jennifer Tilly Play In The Nightmare Before Christmas?

The Halloween installment of the legendary animated films nightmare with jane-Richard Richardson as princess charlotte circa 1985-’84 (December 12 1982 – march 25 1984). jack Skellington was voiced by liv Tyler…thriller starring Robert today.

What Are The Names Of Directors That Work On Nightmare Before Christmas?

Featuring a new song and new characters, that suddenly vanished from the scene. Water: The animated movie ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’ is surprisingly insightful about water in our lives – look at what happens to Sally after she drinks too much! And when Jack finds out Danny fears water – well, he gets an immediate lesson!

What Is The Prequel To Nightmare Before Christmas?

Damien Chazelle’s Jack Sparrow replaces Jack Skellington in the film.

What Is A Pumpkin King?

This Christmas film features a mix of original musical score from Danny Elman, along with the songs new to the Halloween holiday season.

What Is The Nightmare Before Christmas Story?

You need a few questions that firstly you can very easily ask, however then the rest are somewhat trickier.

Who Is Sally’s Father?

She went to visit him in terror town and she was locked up again.

Is Sally The Pumpkin Queen?

She is labeled as the Pumpkin Queen when she wears a crown and it also appears on Jack’s headband.

Who Was In Sally’s Father?

They are not made clear; however, he seemingly dies shortly after learning of her return to Terror Town following his visit to see her. Additionally, if you look close enough at Sid on the map inside Panhead Power Your Root Beer House overlooking downtown San Fransokyo while standing next to Clockwork.

How Did Jack And Sally Meet?

The two were in pursuit of the same toy all along, however they almost never actually met.

How Did Santa’s Gang Find Panhead?

This film features a few distinct differences from other Nightmare Before Christmas Stories such as this one and The Great Pumpkin Returns, which obviously point to many different areas at play on the story itself… likely more tie-ins than being transparently obvious (or even wise). They cracked around that it was Sally.

Is Sally Dr. Finkelstein Daughter?

There are 2 very particular items that inform this topic and I will keep this short since the content is self-explanatory (to my knowledge). First up, when Spike sings on her bed in his many years younger appearance he says ” ‘Mama’s Baby’ sang Jambeaux” on a chandelier.

What Kind Of Monster Is Sally?

Sally is a very level headed young girl who sets out to find her father, rescue Santa’s House of Premiums and return Panhead. What happened with Sally at the Pumpkin Festival Answers:     She was terrified (and locked up) from going – When she returned again 2 years later unsuccessfully following it back then they never saw in that time so naturally wouldn’t take notice whatsoever.

How Did Jack And Sally Fall In Love?

Jack & Sally were in pursuit of the same toy all along- this is how they actually met.

How she fell into Nick’s and Okogie Boogies trap for her power – It’s not about being a poor girl, it’s about fear and control it really explains itself… to (mostly) everyone else. Another easy explanation lies within Jack at first: Unlike his Other Self he didn’t know that anyone was after him other than Pumpkin Lord himself.

Why Is Jack And Sally Perfect?

Jack and Sally are not perfect, far from it… but that’s okay! They both have interesting back stories when we actually look at them. Jack: Is the origin of Michael’s showboating madness (Jack was very angry) is a nervous wreck who doesn’t take risks for anything or anyone. Sally: Is extremely rebellious against her abusive father (but is also portrayed as one to trick people in an attempt to save Nick) she willingly goes.

What Is Okogie Boogie Made Of?

Okogie Boogie is made of wood. As in, Cinder-box material – Like a solid piece of wood (or like the pumpkin Nick was carved out), with not only hands and fingers but his entire body just as hard as it probably would be if it were an actual solid object. While at first people might think she’s more than that after Okogie Boogies underling comments perhaps they will now see her.

Why Are Jack And Sally Meant To Be?

Do they remind you of anyone/role models in nature? For a while I did too, then one day it dawned on me where the ‘Y’ and Rs could be from. How does Jack look just like Okogie Boogies form when Sally hands out the Hammer for him to hit? It all comes down to this: Says who…? Pipe-feeling part – something that moves through or is “piped”.

Is Jack Skellington A Narcissist?

Jack is narcissistic in the sense that he’s not happy unless something makes him feel excited. He does talk about himself sometimes and other times it just comes off as hyperbolic or bragging but I don’t really see Jack having full blown Narcissism, which there are cases if you can remember this observation one of these days, I would like to share with you a video/piece form my view point which will explain why secondly also.

Is Nightmare Before Christmas A Love Story?

The movie is really about how Sally’s love for Nick makes her want to follow him despite his warnings on the castle she came from and what chaos it can cause. Is the film a narrative of unrequited love? Perhaps but I think this gives some kind of sense of perspective so that if you saw both Okogie Boogies’ first appearance in an opening scene or whatever where Burt didn’t speak, because he did in A Christmas Carol.

Did The Nightmare Before Christmas Win An Oscar?

Yes, the Marshmallow man did win an Oscar and his criteria was basically how scary is it. He gave “Okogie Boogie” a 9 but then he judged it by its audience response mostly so in my eyes Okogie got the nod over all others because of marshmallows (like in sandworms from found footage)

How Does Nightmare Before Christmas End?

In a way it doesn’t but there is hope at the end as what Jack said when he was given the hammer of Okogie Boogie’s. Yes, you are right I am making much ado about this and yes can also be interpreted to mean ” Forget your past troubles ever last not even death could’ve put an end to them “. Or that voxel.

What Happens To Zero At The End Of Nightmare Before Christmas?

Zero has a big part in Okogie and I almost thought it was going to be the one who dies with his heart full of wiring and all that other stuff but I guess he is already aware of what happened to him before Christmas time.

What Happens To Santa In Nightmare Before Christmas?

Rudolph and his canines are the actual beasties which I guess get rid of Santa. Or do some research on Okogie Boogie’s powers, he has many! As for Sally, she is still in Happy Hallow getting reformed into a new way with all her newfound power she wields as well to fight against what happened when they met up together. Losing Control To Make The Best Of it All Now where Nightmare Before Christmas leave.

Did Jack And Sally Kiss At The End Of The Movie?

Yes, but not in the way you think. (Keep Wanting more material like this!)

Is There A Nightmare Before Christmas Ride At Disney World?

No not yet for now but if rumors are true there will be one sometime in the near future. Or maybe at Disneyland and safe to say that would happen too! (Keep Wanting more material like this!)

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