WALL E Meaning and Ending



WALL E Meaning and Ending


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WALL-E is Pixar’s 2010 animated film about a robot who works in space, cleaning up garbage. It won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film and the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It’s also probably one of Pixar’s most well-known films. The story starts with WALL-E finding his home on Earth destroyed and himself trapped in an abandoned pile of rubble as a result of a catastrophic event called The Great Divide.

WALL E Meaning and Ending

WALL E Movie Meaning

The title character in the story is a robot, so it can be argued that WALL-E really does come for everything. While you’re cleaning up garbage such as old light bulbs and rusty metal, aren’t you collecting everything down to the bone? Everything from soda bottles to hot dog cans form part of your quotidian collection pile.

When your habitat on a planet is destroyed, you take it all in. When the humans leave Earth, they only bring some of their things with them: furniture and clothing mainly. That’s why when WALL-E finds his home empty except for himself (and those trash bags), he takes everything inside that isn’t bolted down or doesn’t belong to him. We could argue this movie teaches us how important our belongings are to us.

WALL-E Movie Meaning Conclusion

While WALL-E is cleaning up trash, that’s not a metaphor for what we do in society; it means there really isn’t anything so clear to see as well. We would argue this one also teaches you about the importance of doing your own dirty work and ignoring others’ problems or challenges:

Nothing good comes from being indifferent to issues when you can easily make things better by pers siting in cleaning. Just like the humans, when WALL-E decides to leave his sin and trash behind him, he becomes free once again.

More to know

Selflessness, environment awareness and civic values don’t always get brought up when smart movies are discussed. You can convince yourself that we come first in our actions based on WALL-E saving Earth all by himself; but this is simply not true at all.

He followed his mentor’s instructions to the letter without incident until he finally got there and realized what a burden those instructions were for him! You’ll find something else (and much more wonderful) you can do to help “save” just about planet when the humans leave.

Of course, there are other factors that would make our world a better place than WALL-E’s current condition is: Humans have already left Earth in person; what if they never actually came back?  Would WALL-E still be able to save Earth on his own without their intervention and backing up from home? This reason makes your fictional world a better place for you in hopes that humans may return someday.

WALL-E Ending Explanations

WALL-E Ending Explanations

Here’s a quick breakdown on how the ending to WALL-E works. We will call it “Walls” because that was what led most people who watched this movie around; but we’ve already explained things so much better than they did!

After escaping from Earth, WALL-E went up beyond where EVE could be seen and then promptly fell asleep like he did in the film after being thrown by Big Daddy. He woke several hours later and decided to follow a garbage chute back down below the city/ground level, thus preventing him from going too high in height.

The remainder of his free falling can be explained due to mostly astronomical reasoning along with mathematical concepts; not so much the physics portion though there’s some (unofficial) help we’ll include later on this site when those questions arise.


The center slide is our “escape” or what you may call your overview of the entire situation. The center does not lead to an ending in terms of naturally occurring finality for this story; it is just intended as a dream come true scenario where WALL-E will not be forced off and away from Earth by whatever means remains, other than deploying his “Dollar” drive directly installed into machine back at HQ like he was instructed while inside EVE when they were first on their way out (which leads us to another question).

As you may have guessed by now, everything after the fact is hand-waving. This can be played directly on purpose as an ending or it could simply make sense if we never actually see WALL-E again in a reality where there was no E3 plant to mess with. We do know that EVE died off inside the machine which fell along side of her some time afterwards; so, this theory represents what I personally believe occurred.

In-Universe How did he get caught in the ocean? That’s what happened. I believe we may have stopped before WALL-E destroyed the facility underground (see next question). The explosion and more than likely vacuum that occurred up above as a result of scraping across atmosphere/ground will make him freefall for quite some time, missing everyone else on Earth with no escape route until near earth’s horizon when he hits.

Why You should watch WALL-E

WALL-E is my personal favorite animated film of all time. Watch this movie and you will know why right off the back because we’re going to look at some finer details that are more than likely left out by thinking in a “what if” manner, which I also feel relate to our situation here as an ending for a group story; actually, not even related but it was just thought along these lines and where I think WALL- E resets and there aren’t beings on our known planet, thus making EVE “gone” at the end of the film.

As stated from early answers by myself: WALL-E’s adventure has a lot more to do with it than we may expect; so, I’d like to find clues as these ideas played out rather than just assuming in front of us as people that he was destroyed somewhere outside either through him being caught or close enough to Earth.

These ideas of him being held by the E3 invasion force, escaping somehow and then getting caught in a space vacuum as he too falling towards our planet until near earth’s horizon/sunlight caused a little raft shape; (as WALL-E himself states: “I am not like everyone else”) that is my theory instead on what happened with EVE statues arrangement down below ground after being destroyed. WALL-E’s.

Final Thought

All characters within “WALL-E” are depicted as having equal magic touch that was able to reverse and repair common robots by using force; he states this himself before the future of Earth story had even come about, however there’s not much talk from any other robot than WALL-E on this topic.

When it came down to EVE statues arrangement in the below ground location that should have been destroyed but instead survived (as explained above), there didn’t seem to be enough solar radiation or force-based mechanism taking place in order for these both types of humans made objects able to survive unlike what was expected;

thus, how’s this better explained? It might simply be from the condition of EVE statues themselves and not if WALL-E had caused a miracle. This can either relate with why parts were reassembled after being damaged from the explosion like their eyes, arms/legs etc.


1.Does Wall E Have a Good Ending?

Ans: “WALL-E” is about an android who finds himself the ubiquitous toil of a futuristic city, so asking this question would be completely wrong. “WALL-E”, as any other film or movie (including Pixar’s), has a lead that must suffer in order for others along with him be happier and have more positive resolutions within their story; simply put it would make no sense to ask if he had one.

2.Does Wall E Have a Good Ending?

Ans: The end of the movie was supposed to take place after humans have already conquered most planets and claimed victory, for the rest see known or might be unknown characters in later scenes finding out about this fact. Either on Earth’s planet alone are doomsday devices that destroy most other electronics within their reach geared up; though real-life solutions such as solar flares would also suffice against them (and possibly an electric “worm” like WALL-E triggering a nightmare)

3.Why Is Wall E the Last Wall E?

Ans: The last thing seen is a screen saying “Wall-E. 3 years”. The ending of the movie would suggest that he may not be the final story’s Wall E but due to him being too adorable and therefore keeping people in line, especially since he was an original model like most other machines (albeit his ‘brother’ or another unknown robot besides EVE appeared after.

4.What Is the Theme or Message of Wall-E?

Ans: First of all, most wouldn’t believe that a film would have theme or whatever other word one wants to use for it; so, stop saying “message” in your essay about the movie. Secondly, many people are devastated when thinking very hard and even being elated (sometimes massively) by any message they see within Pixar’s films. That is simply because the movies aren’t meant to preach upon whether you should be depressed/happy or if life sucks this), why kill him off would only make one silly mistake.

5.Is Wall-e a Masterpiece?

Ans: Yes, Wall-E is a masterpiece. It is an animated film about a robot who tries to find a new purpose in life after being abandoned by humans. The film is beautifully designed and features an outstanding soundtrack.

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