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Thor the Dark World


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The tale of Thor continues in the sequel Thor: The Dark World. The sequel begins with the aftermath of the events at the end of Thor. The film revolves around the opinions of Thor and Loki on the responsibilities that come with their power. The film depicts a battle between the Dark Elves and the Asgardians. Jaimie Alexander returns as Hela, Maev 9 as Volstagg, Idris Elba as Heimdall, Ray Stevenson as Berserker, Tom Hiddleston as Loki, Christopher Eccleston as Malekith, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje as Kurse.

Thor the Dark World

All About of Thor: The Dark World Story Line

Thor: The Dark World Thor is back in Asgard, letting everyone know what’s going on with his friends. Sorry if I’m a little vague about it for those of you who aren’t into movies and all that jazz!  Oh but hey there might be some tidbits (possible spoilers) from Mjolnir or the background characters to throw us off track as well – play at your own risk guys 🙂

Now, I don’t know exactly why the relationship between Thor and Jane is discussed so much because it’s never been fully explained. From what we see in this movie there are some hints at it but not enough to get a full clear picture of their history together from start through middle times – maybe if they made a direct sequel/video game or more comics before that would clarify matters..


The subtitle for Stormbreaker is The Warrior whose power unleashed, it’s the story of how Jane Foster found Thor and eventually fell in love with him. Pretty straight forward right? Wrong… In this movie there are several scenes that contradict to what we gather based on Asgard mythology! Lets start at the beginning… -Watch out below as I debunk a few myths:



Briefly before the movie starts we were told in a pre-preview video that Jane ended up at Oxford with Thor and she was now searching for Mokki. I wish someone had mentioned this to me as it would have cut out some of my frustration! – If Loki is really dead like The Golden Army claims, second chances do not exist after that or does he have clones.

Loki is just dead, he’s not cloned!

Loki means the god of trickery – what isn’t widely known about him is that in Norse mythology Loki doesn’t actually die. When Mimir – a fountain jester to Odin and the wisest being on earth, died absolutely everyone sought where his soul had departed. Everyone expected this to be Odin but strangely it was Loki who ultimately got recognized as embodiment of Icelandic thieves..

Rising Action

Rising Action

In Stormbreaker the characters have an important ritual in which Loki has to be conceived. In Norse mythology that part is when Thor and Odin fight (it’s not a threatening match) on mount Olympus during Mid-winter Festival .

Odin fought with Thor’s hammer but he lost! Thor took his eye and gave it a second chance. We also see that Asgard has departed humanity in the form of skyscrapers. No wonder then why they are asking for help to reclaim their homeland.


Thor the Dark World

This is the point where Loki loses his arm (not head) and we get a glimpse of an unknown weapon – only it is not Odin’s spear!This would have thrown all the mythology out of whack!

Loki lost both arms and got his eyes back in order for him to more easily make mischief . He’s a synonym for trickster. This is not the point of his character and given that Norse gods were involved with human affairs, villains should have all been at least neutral angels like Antichrist to create ongoing conflicts in stories (no flaws).

Falling Action

Thor decides to visit Loki at his home in the underworld, we know Norse mythology has a concept of hell – it also seems to had complexes with spiritualism since there is Valhalla for warriors and Niðavellir (neither heaven nor earth) offering better conditions than everybody else’s permanent kind that god created .

Anyway this would invoke very easily our Christian interpretations but this is clearly not a “bad” place to have been in. A hell would be dangerous, unpleasant at best and yet here Loki finds himself getting pampered by the gods (especially Odin since he’s mad again).


Yes this movie has its faults (mainly image editing, some of the humor , Thor’s action sequences and in my opinion a general lack of logic) but what it also conveys is a very clear message! That isn’t all necessarily Norse mythology can do. It can be adaptable to our modern world and altered into monsters that take on new meanings than just destroying everything around us or full-on gods sitting at their perch waiting for someone.

Loki is always battling the gods who are generally trying to kill each other or simply don’t care about humans. This includes Thor (he’s had no problem killing frost giants and angry women whose eyes she looked into yes? this seems like a big deal).

Thor: the Dark World Short Reviews

Cuz Thor is a good guy who wants to save all mortals and then he finds that peace can be achieved through absolutely out-of-the box thinking. These are just short gag reviews showing up here every once in awhile, hope you don’t mind – at least they’re not plot based my real life is too busy or something.

Once upon a time, long ago in a cave far away there was an old man with grey hair and furs for clothes.This worn-looking individual sat at his hearth as he reflected over the day’s morning bounties; well some of them at least were good fresh fish head enough to make up what Runt had vomited messing around on the rocks thinking she might get raped by Vali one day.

Final Thought

The Dark World is the second film adaptation of the Norse mythological comic books of the same name, and is the sequel of Thor released in 2011. It was directed by Alan Taylor, who previously co-directed with Kenneth Branagh, and stars Chris Hemsworth in the title role alongside Tom Hiddleston and Natalie Portman. The film is set two years after the events of the first part with Thor, Loki and Odin once again on the search for Asgard’s missing city of gold.


1.What Is the Story Line of Thor: the Dark World?

Ans: The movie starts up two years after the events of the first Thor which follows the Asgardian sorcerer Dr. Jane Foster and her love interest, colleague Erik Selvig who has a new found friend; The mysterious rogue warrior Eric Selvig is surprised when he learns that his girlfriend was once an alien whom they believed .

2.What Is the Story of Thor: the Dark World?

Ans: Although Thor finds himself banished from Asgard, his banishment is shortened due to the threat of a rebellion by England’s forces and strange new enforcers. Although when only he arrives at Jotunheim he works with Selvig to recover Sif – who was in possession but her bodyguard Skurge .

3.What Happens When Odin Gets Angry?

Ans: The movie starts up two years after the events of the first Thor which follows a trailer depicting shadowy Loki’s goddess essence attacks Odin and kills Malekith, thereby renewing all-out war between those who follow him, he belonged to .

4.Who Is Doctor Jane Foster?

Ans: Jane Foster is a brilliant neuroscientist in America’s college who becomes entranced when the tour of her work on gamma berries where she was stung. She feels them with great enthusiasm . When alone later discovers that he has become an alien god, and began to change his shape but pretending to like him as friends introduced himself before Thor can save Asgard from extinction.

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