Three Hummock Island



Three Hummock Island


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Looking at the world around you, what otherworldly place would fit the bill for a perfect relaxing weekend getaway? For those who enjoy nature and solitude, Three Hummock Island is the perfect answer.

This unassuming destination is located in the scenic Susquehanna River, just outside of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Spanning an area of just under five acres, Three Hummock Island is a haven for hikers, birdwatchers, and nature lovers of all levels of experience. Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned outdoorsman, there’s sure to be something for you on this secluded island.

Three Hummock Island


Three Hummock Island is named after the three hummocks that form its centerpiece. According to local legend, these hills were once home to a trio of witches who tormented people by casting spells over the river below. The witch sisters were eventually caught and sentenced to stand on the three hummocks for all eternity.

Today, visitors can walk around the islands perimeter or take advantage of one of several hiking trails that wind their way through the property . Hiking from one origin to a different destination varies in difficulty, but most trails are easy enough for novice hikers. Birdwatching varieties include migrating birds and rare species found here on Three Hummock Island year-round.


The weather on Three Hummock Island is typically mild and humid, with average temperatures hovering between 40 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. The island gets a fair amount of rainfall, so make sure to pack your rain gear if you’re planning on hiking or birdwatching.


There are plenty of activities that visitors can engage in while visiting Three Hummock Island. Hiking is the most popular choice among tourists, but kayaking , fishing , camping, picnic areas, and boating are also available. If you’re planning on bringing a pet along with you to the island (no dogs allowed), there is an off-leash dog run for them to enjoy as well.

There are a number of county parks on the mainland near Three Hummock Island, both in lieu of and for access to the island. The most popular park is Rappahannock River State Park , which offers camping along with a large open area perfect for activities like picnicking or relaxing under an umbrella. Fishing can be done at any one of several local creeks.


The culture of Three Hummock Island revolves around the island’s history and natural wonders. The first inhabitants were the native Powhatans, who used Three Hummock Island for fishing, hunting, and gathering. The islands were later occupied by English colonists, who built a sawmill on the property . Today, visitors can explore colonial-era ruins , see wildlife in its natural habitat , or simply take in the tranquil beauty of the island.


While Three Hummock Island is not a politically active island, it does have its own local government. The county Board of Supervisors represents the interests of the people on the island and votes on important matters affecting residents. As with many of the other Eastern Shore islands, Three Hummock Island was part of Belt Creek Township. With the township’s dissolution and consolidation into Accomack County , overnight stays are restricted to those who hold a standard Virginia boating license or private boat launch permit.

Government services

Three Hummock Island is serviced by the Eastern Shore Regional Jail and a small post office located in New Creek. Several food venues are also available on the island, including a grocery store, liquor store, several cafes, and two restaurants. Adventurous travelers can test their skills as a park ranger or tour guide. The island also offers accommodations, including cottages and campsites available for rental throughout the year.


Three Hummock Island is a popular tourist destination, with visitors coming to enjoy its natural wonders, historical sites, and peaceful atmosphere. The island can be reached by ferry from Cambridge , Virginia or Gosport , Virginia . Visitors can explore the island on foot or by kayak or bike . There are several yacht clubs and fishing charters that offer trips to the surrounding waters. The Accomack County American Legion has a campground on the island that is rented by several small state-owned cabins and summer houses.


The island is accessible by ferry from either Cambridge or Gosport, Virginia. . Both towns have boathouses that offer sailing and fishing trips. The Accomack County Transportation System also offers service to the island with buses that run once each weekday.


Three Hummock Island is home to several restaurants catering to different tastes. The island’s grocery store features a variety of groceries and local items, while the two cafes on the island offer sandwiches, salads, pastries and desserts. There are also several restaurants available on nearby Eastern Shore communities that ferry guests over for dining.


Hummock Island is a popular destination for bird-watchers. The island is home to an abundance of woodland and meadow birds, as well as many species of small mammals. Eagles, ospreys, and other large predatory birds can also be seen hunting in the area’s waterways.


It has been just over two years since the disappearance of three hikers on Three Hummock Island – a small and peaceful piece of land in the Atlantic Ocean. Left unanswered is the mystery of what could have happened to them – and their families are still waiting for their return.

The island, which is only accessible by boat, has been the site of many eerie events in the past. It’s also been known for its cursed properties, which has drawn the attention of many researchers and ghost hunters. Is there more to this small island than meets the eye? Read on to get the scoop on this enigmatic place!


What Is Hummock Island?

Hummock Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The island spans just under five acres and is accessible only by boat. It’s known for its eerie history and cursed properties.

What Happened To The Three Hikers Who Disappeared There Two Years Ago?

It’s been just over two years since the disappearance of three hikers on Hummock Island. Sadly, their bodies have never been found and no one knows what happened to them after they entered the densely wooded area opposite Salt Point State Park in February 2017.

Who Owns Hummock Island?

Hummock Island is owned by Susquehanna County and it was donated to that county by heir John Evens in 1931 – marking an important chapter in the history of this eerie place. The ownership was transferred to Susquehanna County by Evens’ heirs on his deathbed in 2013 and it’s since been used as a shelter for animals afflicted with various diseases.

What Caused Their Disappearance?

It is still unknown what caused the hikers to enter the dark, isolated area opposite Salt Point State Park. Fortunately for them and everyone who knows about their disappearance, an independent investigation team found all three intact husks of infant skeletons, which indicated that they most likely had been dead when they were placed there.

Has Anything Been Found On Hummock Island Related To The Hikers’ Disappearance?

Sadly, no concrete evidence has been discovered that could help with the investigation of the hikers’ disappearance. However, there have been a number of strange reports and sightings made by island residents over the last two years – which suggest that something is definitely not right on this mysterious island.

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