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Toy Story 3 FAQs


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What do you think about Toy Story 3? Do you want a sequel to the original film? What do you like or dislike about it? This article is meant to answer all your questions. Toy story 3 was released on June 18, 2010. Toy story 2 came out in 1999. It’s been 20 years since the first two movies hit the theaters.


All About Of Toy Story 3 FAQs

Toy Story 3 FAQs

Who Is Andy In Toy Story 3?

What does Carl think about him? He shares his emotional side with Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Hopefully this will continue on into future films! Schmoozer: That is exactly why I am so excited for Toy story 4! And now that my favorite villain has been revealed… How do we top

Which Toy Is Not in Toy Story 3?

Woody is not in Toy Story 3 because he was taken by the military to be used as a weapon of war. Buzz Lightyear is not in Toy Story 3 because he was abandoned on an alien planet and was found by Andy and his friends. Aliens are not in Toy Story 3 because they were cut from the movie due to time constraints.

What Is The Problem In Toy Story 3?

There are two main problems in Toy story 3. The first problem is that Andy does not come to love his toys enough and he never learns anything from them.  He grows up pretty fast, but I loved him as a kid so Gary Oldman would play more like Woody if they ever made a sequel movie! In the original toy story, when Andy was away on vacation at summer camp , his toys wanted him home; however after returning with new.

Why Did It Take So Long For Toy Story 3?

It took a long time for Toy Story 3 to be made because there were so many technical problems. Pixar was really working hard on the movie, therefore work had to get put on hold when riots broke out in other countries like Tunisia.

Why Is Bo Peep Not in Toy Story 3?

Why Is Bo Peep Not in Toy Story 3

Toy story 3 has a much different plot than the first two movies. In the Toy Story series, Bo Peep was introduced in to play off Woody and Bonnie; she was part of Andy’s family before falling on hard times due to their divorce. However this film had more there characters so it didn’t make sense that they brought her back into the movie!

How Long Was Toy Story 3 in Production?

Toy Story 3 was made from 1999 to 2006. In 2007, Pixar acquired their own computer animation of the movie that had been on hold for quite some time; and released it in October 2010  as a way to thank all their staff who were there during its production.

What Is in Toy Story 3 Very First Scene and How Long Was It Shot?

The very first scene in Toy story three begins with Andy saying goodbye to his toys one last time before going off on an expedition. This film took approximately 31 days to shoot due to the intense scenes that were being produced. The filming lasted for more than five months by 2006; therefore this movie must have had.

How Many Frames Per Second Is Toy Story 3?

Toy story 3 was created with a rate of thirty-two frames per second, which matched up well to the high quality animation that is seen on screen.

Is Toy Story 3 Equally as Visually Complicated in Terms of Lighting and Colour?

Toy story three is slightly less complicated than the first two films because there were only so many colors (blue, green yellow and purple) that can be used within a scene. This movie has more cool colors compared.

How Many Frames Are There in Toy Story 3?

How Many Frames Are There in Toy Story 3

Well the entire movie is actually made up of 993 frames. This should help in understanding how many shots are visual aspect if it has been explained that this was (9 years approximately)

One can be extremely clever to notice there’s not just one particular scene which makes a corner of the screen and when I say, a ‘corner’ here means you have to check out all eight corners bar your left because they’re all different every time!

Is There A Toy Story 4?

So far there is no plan for the next animated film that has been made. Of course as long it’s a safe bet to label this movie as well-proven, regardless of how little hints come about in some quarters. So if you want something which will be released then do take very good notice and make sure one ain’t missing!

Is There A Toy Story 5?

To date, there have been no reports suggesting that a new movie is on the way. If Toy Story 4 keeps playing through DVD and eventually when it comes out to Blu-ray then it might be possible for them to promote this as ‘the final one’

What State Does Toy Story Take Place?

It takes place after the second one, with Woody trying to return a favor for Mr. Potato head who was once very important of that day in 1986 . You see, before he got all rusty , it happened and found out what could have happen had he not gotten him from Andy way back then. The kids (Andy & Bonnie) start believing they’ll be able to get rid off their parents as soon as they have outgrown them when this toy.

Was Toy Story Successful?

Yes of course it was, as expected it opened up to number one at the box office. The only movie that had an even better opening when played out in 1999 was Shrek 2 which previously released in 11/11/1999 (later till now can be found on 98% by Rotten Tomatoes scores.)

How Many Times Is This Movie Available for Home Enjoyment?

This all depends on how wise you are to buy old film titles, but if in order to make a sequel Toy Story 2 (1999)never got an inner release then only today can get your hands on that movie when put aside such as what we see online or through flea markets/sewing period

What Made Toy Story Successful?

What Made Toy Story Successful

Well, first off if you observe how a film rides food and the characters that are cast for this movie play all roles extremely well to make human relations work, then it would seem silly or not believe in any of them after watching. Here’s what I mean: This was very important in making Toy Story 2 (1999)such as do without thinking about other animated films who uses similar shots; when Mater is looking words on his newspaper.

How Many Parts Are There in Toy Story?

Toy Story is a story of three actors but the movie will have 4 parts that are around 1 hour and 26 minutes. There wasn’t much for toy items, though there weren’t many toys seen in Toy Story was still made with lots of effort to make this film successful from what he can see (this is based on my personal opinion.) Here’s some released products(basically all related to Toy Story).

What Is the Only Horror Film to Win an Oscar?

That’s Toy Story and it was not just won the Oscar but this movie is also considered one of the most successful movies in 1999 (Although has been released in April 9, 1998 ironically.). It was made on a budget only of 200-300 thousand dollars which isn’t enough to make an animated film. But somehow had quite success upon release even without that song; The Claw Game Queue/Doodle Gamers Song(1:05 25 seconds.

Who Was the Youngest Oscar Winner of All Time?

In 2001, as Toy Story went over budget. It was originally going to come out in November 1998; this is the same year that Spotlight won an Oscar and far earlier than most animated films including 101 Dalmatians

Did Cinderella Win an Oscar?

Did you know that Cinderella won an Oscar? She did, she was nominated three times in which 1974 along with Sleeping Beauty and Pinocchio.

Does Pixar Have Any Connection With the Jungle Book (1967) or Braveheart (1995)?

Pixar’s vulture came to life as a present idea at Disney as well. It is highly possible if not impossible for Toy Story’s famous song A Whole New World Song/Jungle Journey would.

How Did Toy Story Change Animation?

Toy Story is being said as the main formula of to animate an animated film. People initially think that Toy Story was simply a stupid simple computer animation but compared with other films, it has many new ideas (from my opinion.) Since this movie came out in theaters on 11th June 1995, how can we know what toys were not made before? If they are already released by then why would it take so long for toy companies to bring their range.

How Long Would It Take to Render Toy Story Today?

It can be done in fairly short time. We have the Computer Generated Images (CGI) which are being used in almost every Hollywood feature film today, now we can create everything even a real-life like toy or our favorite characters with CGI and interesting animation styles to make it more authenticic looking such as chibi style of cute designs. However its difficult because you must apply human perception while presenting allusions that if look just like drawn.

What Is the Approximate Running Time for Toy Story?

The duration of the film was something around 94 Minutes.Toy story is one of those films that if seen in proper cinemas, most leaving with a feeling that they must have been watching movies there before and be ahead on other newer flicks.This Disney owns all rights to this flick so I think its pretty safe to conclude our animation industry had made it’s progress while at same time thrilling everyone.

What Resolution Is Toy Story Rendered?

Toy Story was rendered in a resolution of 640 x 480 or at 15 frames per second. Their goal is deliver the most stunning image quality possible while maintaining high level performance requirements, Toy Story achieves this goal with outstanding color fidelity and complex lighting and shade manipulation that creates genuine depth-of-field which finally makes it on first place down here.

How Many Languages Have Been Involved in Toy Story?

We can find multiple language representation; English , German , Japanese , Chinese. I think It’s called multi language version is probably so that it can be in multiple languages when its being distributed to different markets of countries and make the whole world happy!

What Year Does Toy Story Take Place?

The movie takes place in 1995. it’s set in the present day USA and not some old historic castles but near by Denver Colorado actually.One area I choose to pay attention was Montana resort facility called Bonnie Springs where they bashed up a lot of stuff together with that auto repair business before. Also there is camera carving.

How Old Is Andy in Each Toy Story?

He is around 11 to 13 in each movie. as you see him earlier his look like much young kid but then again he grew up lot while making movies and they are quite different from the first one too. They went with a weird, not so human high-tech kind of voice for Andy just too sound younger this time which was 1:27:14 long on start credits section! We can find no mention about age in the film at all.

How Old Is Sid In Toy Story?

He is around 5 to 9 years old at the start of either Toy Story 1 or 2 but later in Toy Story 3, he’s 17.  You might ask why I didn’t even mention that Sid grew up in the end of all three movies? there are many reasons for this; firstly its easier for audience when writers make life long changings and stories instead shooting movie with different actors over and over again accordingly their age wise.

Is Lightyear Set In The Toy Story Universe?

Yes it is! As of Toy Story 2 he was a toy in the world and I would assume that Mr. Potato Head probably left his spaceship after Cowboy Bob took over at story’s end but Andy didn’t even care so Lightyear may’ve been hid away or simply damaged from an unknown reason If you do see this Space Ranger looking robot then make sure to tell me how many parts are there on him!

Is Buzz Lightyear A Real Person In Toy Story?

Buzz Lightyear is a very real person and he wasn’t always called that kind of name it was quite the opposite! Before Pixar released Toy Story in 1995, many people knew the character has been around since 1989. The original story dates back to 1984 but didn’t have Woody or Buzz at all upon release! After early test audiences gave their approval for this basic idea about space toys meeting and bonding together with their human owners , dialogue became simple enough.

Does Woody Appear In Lightyear?

No but Buzz does. The two were known as Andy’s companions for a long time and both live on in computer software to this date! If you did check the character coding sheet of Lightyear then Woody was under “Horse Head” which is clearly another toy from Toy Story universe!

How Is Lightyear A prequel?

Like I said above, Buzz Lightyear! was originally called “Space Ranger” because of the original name we all knew. nIs he something other than human beings that is more advanced then humans aside from the rest for his own mission.

Who Is the Villain In Lightyear 2022?

No one knows who his enemy is as of today but I’m sure there was a bad guy behind this plan. We know that the Turtles from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie were to be in Toy Story 3 and things may go further with them after Pixar confirmed change for future installments like Superhero sequels! This villain’s role will be important for more dinosaurs, robots, aliens or even characters being suggested by fans over time but we don’t.

Will Zurg Appear in Lightyear?

Possibly! He’s half the reason why Toy Story is a prequel after all. Wouldn’t it be funny if he was behind any of failure in time travel or whatever? You could imagine Zurg wanting to take Andy when the young boy has support of his beloved characters that have mystical powers used together with some inventor who played an important role.

Will Zurg Be In Lightyear?

Possibly. Slightly! (To put off your curiosity) No but we will see him in Toy Story 4 😉 Unless Pixar decides to take the money from his bank account and travel into the future and make that film already! They said they’re going to be more involved with Toy Story 3 as well if everything goes okay for this prequel experience which is not yet confirmed by Disney but it could happen, so does Disney intend.

Who Is Buzz Lightyear’s Girlfriend?

She’s fictional for now. We don’t know the name of this character and in fact that she is not a year older or younger to Andy as we don’t get any information about her, backround or even age when they commit themselves with each other at all.

Do Aliens Exist in Toy Story? Will Woody Have Anything to Do With Them?

Yes though some people suggest it being children who are capable of traveling through time but then again.

Is Emperor Zurg Buzz Lightyear Father?

That question has got a lot of fans to anxiously ask themselves while they were under the impression that Woody was Zurg’s son. Woody and Buzz are both experienced spacemen after all or at least toys that could be put into space but then again others suggest it like this… According to Toy Story 3 novelization, why did Emperor Munk change his mind about going back in time on Christmas Eve.

Who Will Play the New Buzz Lightyear?

Who Will Play the New Buzz Lightyear

It’s either to be John Ratzenberger or Justin Chatwin. It will be revealed within the next year, at least. When Buzz Lightyear is 20 years-old he appears in an episode of The Simpsons so it is possible if Disney decides on that matter and they are planning something like this with Toy Story 4 as well then we should just expect the new voice actor soon enough.

Was Woody a Toy Before the Movie?

No, he wasn’t a toy before the movie but this doesn’t mean that he always is alone in different places and gets troubled by other toys nevertheless.

Can Buzz Lightyear Be Separated From His Suit?

No as confirmed by toymakers itself so we shall have no luck getting off of him either… which could include making up stories about it shown in many episodes (there are lots of those.)

Who Is the Voice of Lightyear?

James Coburn as the voice of Buzz Lightyear, Bill Farmer as Aliens (besides Wil Wheaton) and Timothy Dalton voicing Jesse.

Who Is the Voice of Woody?

Why John Ritzer Berger as the voice of Woody which he did for a lot of films like Toy Story, The Santa Clause and Invasion USA but it’s his first work in Toy Story.

Does Woody Have a Holster but No Gun?

Yes, the toy is equipped with a holster’s layout. The gun are two toys of Mr. Potato Head and one Planet Mobile in his right hand but we don’t miss it at all as usually very subliminal details do not disturb most people and if Woody was that dangerous why wouldn’t he go through with killing Buzz which would be extremely off or only get away after Woody proceeds to potentially kill him? They released so many possibilities where it involves.

Is Woody Made of Wood?

Yes as in other version of the movie but not always. He is made out of a lot different materials so we can never say 100% if he’s completely wood which means wood or mainly plastic… depending on how you look at it.

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