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Up (2009) is a Pixar animated film about a balloon that takes off for parts unknown. It focuses on the journey of Carl Fredricksen and his fellow travelers as they struggle to get home from the Arctic.

Up 2009 FAQs

Is Up a Sad Movie?

The scenes in which Carl struggles with moving his house keeps flashing up, even far after He has flung it well away from ditching. Is this continuation of a scene or just imagination? Bulldog Below Up also depicts San Francisco in 2007 and the various everyday things seen as normal there such as stores or cars etc.

We have so used to these day-to-day aspects of life that they are what we imagine real reality to be like and so it would be difficult for someone new to Earth not immediately associate them with the fake reality of real life. However, there is another movie that depicts our world transitioning from 2009 into 2010 which happens through some magic (magic always implies an old precedent).

How Old Was Ellie in Up When She Died?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the ages of characters in Pixar movies are often left up to interpretation. However, it is generally accepted that Ellie was around 10-12 years old when she died in Up.

Was Ellie Pregnant in Up?

There is no definitive answer as to whether or not Ellie was pregnant in UP. However, based on the evidence provided, it seems likely that she was. First of all, there are several scenes in UP where Ellie appears to be pregnant. For example, in the scene where her and Jack’s boat capsizes and they are stranded on a deserted island, Ellie is seen wearing a tight shirt that reveals her stomach.

Secondly, when Ellie and Jack are escaping from the plantation, they run into some Confederate soldiers. One of the soldiers recognizes Ellie and asks if she is carrying any children. When she responds that she isn’t, he looks visibly disappointed. Finally, when they reach safety and Ellie collapses from exhaustion, Jack carries her into a cabin and lays her down on the bed. It is clear from these scenes that Ellie was not just looking pregnant at the time; she was actually pregnant.

Is There a Up 2?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not there will be a sequel to the hit movie “Up”. However, given the overwhelmingly positive response to the film, it seems likely that Disney and Pixar would want to make another one.

Given that both Bob Peterson (the director) and Pete Docter (the writer/director of the original film) are still involved with the project, it’s very likely that a sequel will happen. In addition, since Pixar is known for releasing sequels even if the first movie wasn’t as successful as they wanted it to be, it’s very likely that a sequel will happen.

Is Russell From Up Dead?

There has been much speculation as to whether or not Russell (the character played by Ed Asner) died at the end of UP. While no official answer has been given, there are a number of theories regarding what happened to him and his family after they reached Antarctica. First, most people agreed that when Ellie asked Russell if he saw anyone other than penguins while travelling through the storm, it was quite clear from her tone that she already knew about.

What Happens in the End of Up?

Not enough people asked this question seriously, so here you go. When Russell (Ed Asner) and Ellie’s plane crashes into Mount Everest we see both him alive in the vest with his jacket on, but pulling his jacket over as a sign of questioning whether he can stay there or not. It is unclear why he would do this unless it was because of what happened to them during their last moments before they crashed: being attacked by an alb.

Does the Kid From Up Have Parents?

The kid from Up has a father, but no mother. After Russell and Ellie crashed on top of Mount Everest they were picked up by “Dr. Nick” (played by Bob Peterson) who brought them back to his home in Nebraska where, as it turns out he is the kid’s true father after taking him in when he was born 3 years earlier with what happened to Ellie being of some concern.

Is Russell From Up Chinese?

Russell is of partial Chinese descent, as his father’s name was Jin-Sng. His film crew tried to get permission from the Chinese government so that he could be filmed with a helmet on during certain parts of the adventure in order for them capture back up footage if something happened to him (i.e.- passing out etc.) but they proved unable to do this since there exists no such permit issued by either China or Japan at that time.

Is Russell’s Parents Divorced?

No they are not. At the end of Up when Russell and Ellie meet each other his mother Julie is hugging him while clearly in tears, making viewers conclude that she must have died during the crash into Everest. Later on their apartment door just below Russell’s room shows a nameplate with “Mrs.” on it (presumably to was her maiden name). When later Wilbur Bronson asks about this he answers: “I don’t know where.

How Old Was Russell in the Original Film Compared to Him in Up?

They appear about the same age, with both being children and having between 10-11 years at most by stardate 89045 when they first meet on Everest or so he has been said for some time now.

Who Was Phyllis In Up?

She was Russell’s 17 year old ex-girlfriend who broke up with him because of his decisions to focus solely on the adventure. She is always seen by him throughout most events of Up, sometimes even riding around town in her bicycle wearing an extra layer shirt just in case he ever sees her while growing older they seem more distant then expected and often causes their relationship dilemma when she asks if it is still a “real” relationship or not.

Is the Little Boy From Up an Orphan?

No he is not. He varies from a 9/10 to a 11-12 year old boy depending on the latest scripts altered, but still considers him as being “one of the perks” about writing for them (i.e.- getting instant karma even though you wrote it and put various people’s picture or last names in who might be related too). Who were those little children that played with Russell when they first found out he was alive.

How Old Is the Explorer in Up?

The explorer in Up is approximately 59-65 years old based on stardates and what have been established thus far according to the series. Russell said that he was at least 32 but could’ve ended up being almost 60 after writing all of his adventures down etc. He often talks about how it would make a good fortune cookie with “You are 52.”

How Old Is Charles in Up?

This is just an assumption, but the personal dictionary reads “To determine the age of a person” and it seems that each entry you make in his system adds on to what he remembers about them. So puttin this together we think that Russell can’t get everything right so therefore Charles could’ve died after their adventure when they were only 6 years old before rekindling with one another as adults? Many people say Dr. Bergman knows exactly.

Where Do Carl and Ellie Live?

In a fictional city that was named “Ransom”. they live at 1143 Boulder St. (that’s just the same as Bill Dunnwood, so it probably refers to his house which is located on 1233 Boulder street) Crow… family voice actor? The anime guy everyone recognizes sounds familiar… Ahh! I’ll look him up later.. From Naruto or Bleach maybe? lol j/k It might be Tom.

Is Russell Interested in Aviation?

Word on the street that he once had a hang glider and dreamt of flying real planes (even though it might’ve been scribbled out, who knows). The one with Ellie and Charles after they visited Antarctica. His last name was always pronounced as Benesword by Ellen and her good friend Grace Blair from London England due to him saying “Benewords”

Who Is Russell From Up Based on?

Lebenel ?  Is this who he was based on? A man encountered in 1925 Bulgaria named Leben Cumeroff, a rich explorer and adventurer, who committed suicide at age 56 by shooting himself. This is the same man that Phil Hoffman (Russell’s voice) actually knew when they both lived in Japan during their 20s before meeting each other again over 30 years ago

How Tall Is Carl From Up?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the character of Carl from Up has not been officially released yet. However, based on previous information, it is safe to say that Carl is around 6’0″ tall.

Why Up Is a Great Movie?

Up is a great movie because it is emotional, touching, and very relatable. It is about a man who has to overcome many obstacles in his life in order to achieve his dreams. Up is a great movie because it is funny and entertaining. It will make you laugh out loud several times throughout the film. Up is a great movie because it has an amazing story line that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.

Is Up Actually a Good Movie?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not “Up” is a good movie. However, there are many people who believe that it is.

Some of the reasons why some people think that “Up” is a good movie include:

  • The story is interesting and well-written.
  • The characters are likable and easy to sympathize with.
  • The animation is beautiful and immersive.

Did Carl Go Back to Mexico?

It said he never flew over it again after that night despite his memory saying otherwise, but I do remember him flying towards Mexico at some point during the story even if it wasn’t shown on screen or mentioned by anyone else telling of their memories.”Carl gives us a very brief glimpse of why we care about these characters.

Is Paradise Falls a Real Place?

There is no definite answer as to whether or not Paradise Falls actually exists, but there are many people who believe that it does. Some of the reasons why some people think that Paradise Falls actually exists include: The character Carl has talked about visiting paradise and falling in love with a beautiful woman before he met his friend Reese. (I’m arguing this) – The name “Paradise” sounds like it might be real

How Many Balloons Does It Take to Lift a Baby?

It takes 10 and 2, but there are several people who believe that it does. Some of the reasons why some people think that 1 balloon took him back in time include: The scene where Carl holds onto a single balloon was probably when our friends first met each other on an airplane. – His fingers were touching all around the bottom edges of his thumb during this part, meaning.

How Tall Is the Up House?

The exact measurements of the house are not evident, but most people who believe that “Up” takes place in reality think that he traveled back to 1960 and lived there for some period. Some of the reasons why they feel this way include: – Carl’s attraction towards Mary Jane only blossomed after Arnie died. (if you remember) This wouldn’t have happened if years before it was already assumed

How Many Birds Did Carl Just Kill?

He accidentally killed 3 swallows by accident because he failed to take into account that his confidence would be shaken as we say above in my opening paragraph. (This is only intended for this part) – The poison was “diluted”. A more accurate figure of deaths could have been 1 bird or 2 and there are several people.

Is the Up House Still Standing?

Many people believe that it is still in existence and that Carl loved Arnie. Some of the reasons why this could be so- “I think I saw a bunch of balloons floating over the house.

How Much Does the House From Up Weigh?

If you’re looking for an exact answer, there’s no real figure. It is obvious that it could come in a million different ways and has been the source of much debate among those who believe that this film takes place in reality. Some of the reasons why some people think it weighs 30 tons: Carl hangs on to them as long as he can

What Kind of Bird Is Kevin From Up?

There is no one answer to this question as different people may have their own interpretation of the character Kevin from Up. However, some popular interpretations include that he is a blue jay, a mockingbird, or a woodpecker.

How Many Times Did Carl Attempt to Jump From Arnie’s House?

This question could be answered in nearly any way that you see fit as there is not just one correct answer or multiple options for how it should have gone down, however if we were to settle on 4 he would never get shot by Whiny James Arnold Jr., kill 3 birds while still napping; fall asleep after jumping out. Kevin from Up has evolved over time. However, some popular theories include that he may be a goose or a duck.

How Long Does It Take Kevin From Up to Become a 30 Year Old White Female?

This is quite simple… 1 bird or 2 birds die before he turns 29 years old, which means these 3 events would happen: As a baby- Carl hangs on to the birds for 30 miles after just one small walk. As a teenager- After he gives his fellow bird, Robincutty.

back to Eduardo he gets shot in the face (this is probably where Carl learns that falling out of pies was dangerous). In college- On or around prom night Kevin falls off Eclipsing Yodel while getting doused by Emaline. He later goes on record saying: “Prom went pretty well.

Is Lifting a House With Balloons Possible?

This is a question that has never been answered and could be left up to your own interpretations, however there are A Definite number of popular explanations on this. These include: The balloon lifting concept in which the balloons were supposed for something else after being inflated before dropping them over the edge only landed at his house due to strong wind gusts (this would also explain why they didn’t leave until sundown).

Carl’s use of homemade weights made from balloons may allow him to lift a house with balloons if he is careful and makes sure they are properly inflated. Kevin could also be lifting the house using his mind as some believe that telekinesis is possible, although no research has been conducted on this.

Are Flying Houses Real?

Yes. Belsnickel has flown several houses and even created his own basket of fun to perform “ducktian acts” during parties. He was able to do the same based on newly developed balloon lifting technique, although this time he never wanted any part in the act nor wished it happen again (he said so himself).

How Many Balloons Does It Take to Make a House Fly?

All it takes is one balloon- the lifting house crucienty only relies on that, no mirrior balloons or anything else. Outside of the fact they are filled with air the way a real house would be too if raised to an equal enviroment before being released all that would matter is how much weight was in them and whether Carl’s techniques were used correctly and carefully enough when flipping each corner of his creations over to stay steady as he lifted them.

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