Up Movie Storylines and Short Reviews



Up Movie Storylines and Short Reviews


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up is a 2016 American 3D computer-animated road film directed by Pete Doctor and written by Josh Cooley. It was produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures, and stars Ed Asner, Amy Poehler, Jason Sudeikis, Bill Hader, and Lewis Black.

In the early stages of a movie, it’s difficult to tell what genre it will fall into. Sometimes, that lack of genre definition can make you unable to decide whether or not you’ll like the film. But at least with up movie storyline and short reviews, you have an idea of what kind of film you’re going to watch.

Up Movie Storylines and Short Reviews

Main Character of Up movie



James Earl Jones/Ed Asner. Louis is the main protagonist of this film. He’s a 77-year-old widower, who lives in San Juan del Norte with his grown children Matt and Remy. The main driving force behind Louis journey to find Jonas was because he was told by another man that there might be a connection between Jonas and him when they were younger scouts’ members more than forty years ago. When he meets with Disney officials about opening the home for sale.


Neil Patrick Harris/Jason Sudeikis. There’s an awkward and cool vibe between the two characters Rudy and Louis. They are very much in sync when it comes to their candor, but at times, he seems nervous about expressing his feelings for Louis about telling him what is on his mind.  Rudy didn’t get along well with younger brother who was more of a free spirit than Rudy himself

3.Eloise Tubbs

Gennifer Goodwin /Amy Poehler. She got married at the young age of 23 to an aeronautical engineer named Pete, who was 34—much too old for her. She’s described as a scatterbrained, thrill-seeking pilot with some unpredictable qualities in which she loves singing karaoke on weekends and also flies remote control helicopters.


Lenny Veneto /Lewis Black. He ends up bonding with Louis very quickly after he moves into his house. He even calls him his mentor and he learn a lot from Louis about inventions that are becoming obsolete, but nobody wants to forget their own times in the past.


Scooby-Doo/Esther learn character is sensible and you can see through her expressions if she’s sad for any reason or happy because of food. Her germless yet cute appearance makes her characters both lovable


Jordan Nagai/ Lewis Black, Louis’ older brother who has returned home to live with his family after being away in the military. A stereotypical loud-mouthed ruffian, and he runs a sleazy car shop business down on Main Street called “Carl’s Place of Scrap Metal.”

6.The Dragon

June Diane Rapallo / Mike Myers. The ever evil and sarcastic Sheriff of Pawnee who views the entire town as fools. He makes a few appearances in later seasons, but mainly serves as Seth’s mentor after he is able to convince him that everyone holds secrets

7.Ann Perkins

Rashida Jones/Jane Lynch She has connections far beyond her position within government where she deals with otherworldly beings on a weekly basis through International Relations.

Up Movie Storylines

In the movie, which happens to be about an old man who can talk to birds and transport small objects through time and space using telephone poles, mild-mannered retired balloon salesman Carl Fredrickson longs for a trip back home. One day in 1995 while his houseguest Jimmy is out looking at various types of flowers, he takes advantage of the opportunity to go up in Carl’s hot air balloon.

The two enjoy their 10 year odyssey to the past, and a final grand flourish brings their trip back home. But Carl has lost an important teddy bear during this short period of time in which he traveled through large quantities of water and land covered with trees. The purchase was apparently hard for him because it cost up to $3500 as stated by Wikifies:

” As Jimmy flies away on his jet ski after dropping off some goods at Fredricks end’s residence, Carl indulges in a moment of nostalgic reflection on the wonderful life he and his wife Brenda once shared of which it slowly dawns on him that there is someone for whom all these memories are about.”

“The search for the lost teddy bear becomes one of Carl’s chief motivators when, at every turn after returning home from past times until present time greets them with new characters. Hidden Street-wise heartthrob Chocolatier Les Beaves, fellow balloon tourist Scooter McCrae (a nostalgic as Dennis the Menace) and mischievous little boy Quicker are just some of the new faces you’ll see. “

Carl and Whit are transported back to previous times. This is the moment where Carl had purchased one of his teddies bears with $3500 as a souvenir. In each stage of their journey, they pass different characters in various objects.

Wikipedia describes:

” First Carl is transported through time while on a hot air balloon flight; next he transpires into an animated video at Habitat for Humanity’s headquarters – but again enrooted to the city he encounters Chocolatier Les Beaves, among other contemporary characters;

when they finally join present-day San Antonio, Whit takes Carl’s plane which hovers over his home where awaits a newly decorated Mr. Foster, who sits shocked and speechless at their sudden appearance.” On our next post about time travel we will look more deeply into this interesting story ” The Time Traveler Dilemma.”

Up Movie Short Reviews

Tom Foster, though a simple man in life who loves his wife and children is about to be uprooted from the town that he loves. Adam Scott plays Tom but early on we meet Charlie Hoover (Douglas Smith) who oversees a local orphanage and at one point meets Lois McGarry’s Evelyn; she seems more accepting of these young orphans playing tag with her wards than any adult servant would have been. Now, when Carl goes out at night he stumbles upon Charlie and awakes him with his flashlight.

He takes Tom to the local diner ” Wine Cook ‘s “, speaks with Evelyn (” Welcome Back, Carl Wells,” 8:01pm) that is played by Joelle Carter who also plays live on stage at Opry Mills Theatres in Madison, Tennessee playing identical roles of both young girls (she even uses an exact replica of Lois McGarry’s voice).

What People Like about it

We are then ushered into the present day and when Tom’s wife leaves him, he walks over to Carl Wells office where they talk on how life will be after ” Breaking Bad,” etc. When opening his home, Mr. Foster finds all of his possessions piled up including furniture, appliances, computers and such – was this is what Chocolatier Molinia has worked on this past year?

We meet Bobo Johnson (Dominic Rains) who is at home watching a baseball match; he had some friends over and entertained them with lemonade. We learn from this scene that Bobo Johnson, though old (mid 90s) has no real interest in what will happen after ” Breaking Bad,” etc., only Mad Dog Choky’s was of importance to him and now they both are gone too. Charlie Hoover tells Tom Foster how lonely his empty house seems as it sits there not

being shared with anyone, he then shows Tom the antique outhouse that has been set up in his cage… bob says joss stay away from me kids you got caught fooling around in there you’ll get a bath down here. He also tells him about how much Mad Dog Choky wanted to recreate Ebenezer’s original recipe at ” Pink Cadillac Candy Store,” but failed; one corporate takeover soured matters on more than one occasion.

Bubba Stevens (Rhys Corio) is then shown in his office… he discovers that Los Polos Herman has become a chain with more than one location and there are talk about all locations being closed down, but at this moment we see three donuts on the table as his assistant walks away – what happened here?

Final Thought

I enjoyed the episode ” A Blue lick In Rabia,” it had me until I realized something very important was missing – by this time in the series Don Eladio’s death is not a surprise and we know every possible outcome: there could be no closure, Hank finds out about Heisenberg and/or Gus has returned to Albuquerque among other possibilities. The entire focus of these final scenes is on how everybody involved feels.


1.Is Up Movie Good For Kid?

The movie is not bad for kid but my guess would be that most kids are at least familiar with some version of “the story” even if they may not have ever seen a cartoon featuring these characters… so it’s more entertainment than education. It was just too obvious an add as well – deserves an honorable mention though!

2.What Is the Meaning Behind the Movie Up?

Ans: The movie Up is about a couple who goes on an adventure to fulfill their lifelong dream of flying. The story begins with Carl and Ellie, the main characters of the film, at their old age, watching an airplane fly overhead in their backyard. It then moves to Carl and Ellie’s childhood where they watch planes while playing in the air with balloons. After that it cuts back to them as adults and shows how they went through life and lived happily ever after by traveling around the world.

3.Is Up Movie Based on True Story?

Ans: Up is not based on a true story. It is an animated movie about a bird who falls from the sky and becomes lost in the city. The story follows his adventures as he tries to find his way home. Is Up a sad movie?

4.Is Carl Fredrickson Dead?

Ans: Yes, Carl is dead. However, Ellie’s parents take her to America and she meets other love interests along the way before being reunited with Carl in the end. The entire story is mainly happy and upbeat so the overall tone of the movie would not in any way suggest that it was sad. It’s up to you – but I personally enjoyed watching this film!

5.How Did Carl Get His Name?

Ans: Carl, who is played by Ed Helms (and voiced by Seth Green), can be named after anybody due doctors are inaccurate when they give patients surnames based on a birth certificate while they’re delivering Carl is named after Carl Fredrickson himself. When he was a little boy, his friends would come over and do tricks in the backyard with the “Flying Carl’s”, which were toy cards used to play pin-the-wing on an airplane game.

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