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Vars Island


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If you’re looking for a picturesque getaway, look no further than Vars island. Located in the eastern coast of Greece, this small island is well worth a visit for its stunning scenery and charming villages. You’ll find plenty to do on Vars, from swimming in crystal-clear waters and cruising through picturesque coves to indulging your taste buds in the many restaurants and cafes that line its streets. Once you’ve had your fill of the sights and sounds of Vars, make sure to explore the many shops and galleries that line its streets as well.

All About Of Vars Island

Vars Island


Vars island is one of the many Aegean islands that make up Greece. It was first settled by ancient Greeks, who used it as a trading post between Athens and Asia Minor. Throughout its history, Vars has been attacked on numerous occasions by pirates, making it one of the most historical Greek islands. Today, despite being relatively small in size (only 2 square kilometers), Vars is home to a number of charming villages that cling to the rock throughout its 8 km of coastline.



Vars island enjoys a mild climate, with average temperatures ranging from 16-24 degrees Celsius all year round.

Travel Tips

To get to Vars island, take the fast ferries that depart from Athens each day. Alternatively, you can also fly into Rhodes and then take a bus or taxi to Vars island. If you do decide to take a ferry from Athens, make sure that it sails into the small port of Arhi, which is located on the southeast side of Vars island.

Miscellaneous Facts about Vars Island – The name “Vars” is a derivation of the Greek word “barys”, which means island.



Vars has a rich culture, with its villages boasting centuries-old traditions and celebrations. Some of the most popular events include the traditional fire festival that is held every summer, as well as the Carnival celebration in February. Vars also has two churches; one, which is a modern church built in the 1950’s and another, older church found nearby. This is the Church of Agios Georgios, which was founded in 1514. Visitors can view this church from various locations around Vars island, including the traditional performances that take place centuries ago by locals and visitors alike!



Vars is a self-governed island and has its own parliament, which is made up of 12 elected members. The island is also a member of the Greek union, which consists of 20 islands.

Population – Around 3200 people currently live on this tiny island. The average population density per square kilometer measures out to be around 11 hundredths! Life expectancy averages at 80 years old, with the highest values along Vars’ northern coast.

Languages spoken – Since visitors are so rare on this island, Greeks dominate most conversations and even possess a unique kind of speech that no other Greek person has! The Ami dialect is used more commonly than English in order to refer various topics from fish (thaous) to sea gulls (kamelos).

Government services

Government Services

Vars is not a part of any municipality and therefore does not have its own municipal government. Instead, the island enjoys limited services such as general healthcare, education, public works, and police protection. The area of Vars, which consists of a total of seven neighboring islands ranges from 0.07 square kilometers as land to 1.94 square kilometers in the sea! The significance of this is because visitors will not be able to reach any town with only an airplane ticket.

Holidays include: New Year’s Eve, Bonfire Night(feast of the fir tree lit on fire) , Three Kings Day and Easter. Every year in June there is an annual dog (named Lasa). Most locals will have a Kosmas/Pegon theme for this festival! There are also military drills which take place from July to August.


Flaherty Island Tourism

Despite the fact that tourism is still in its early stages, a few businesses have started to crop up on the island. Provided visitors are willing to venture out into rural areas and away from the main tourist spots, they can find plenty of unique experiences that are not typically found on other Greek islands. The easiest way to reach Vars is via a 20-minute boatride from Kefalos on the island of Samos. Local buses also travel between Samos and Vars for tourists looking to see more than just part of Aegean coastline.



Apart from tourist transportation, there is not much available in terms of public transportation on the island. Taxis are the only way to get around and can be expensive if going out of town. Pedestrians should expect long walks due to the lack of sidewalks or roads that are specifically designated for pedestrians. One of the most important parts of seeing Vars is to practice the local Fira (dance) in village streets. At these points, locals will gladly lead visitors through improvised stages and teach them how to dance while they are clapping their hands at different intervals.



Vars cuisine is a blend of Turkish, Greek, and Armenian influences. Dishes can generally be classified into two categories: fish-based dishes such as moussaka and pastitsio, which are often served with rice or potatoes; or meat-based dishes such as gyros and kebabs.

However, there is also a large variety of desserts available that can include baklava, bilmeni (a type of ice cream), or any of the different types of syrups commonly seen on Greek islands. The cuisine can be very expensive, but it is usually worth checking out for a special occasion like birthdays and weddings.


Royston Island Wildlife

Vars is home to a large number of animals that can only be found on the island. These include gazelles, ibexes, lynxes, and boars. Visitors should always be cautious when walking around as wild life can easily become startled and run away. Mozart, who visited the island in 1778 and is buried there, was attacked by a wild boar near his tomb. Special care should be taken when hiking trails as loose rocks from the cliffs may shift under foot.


Vars island is a small island located in the middle of Lake Geneva, Switzerland. It has a population of around 190 people and is known for its natural beauty. The island is also home to a number of cultural landmarks, such as the Chapel of Sainte-Catherine and the Ruins of Chapelle-Saint-Jacques.


1.Is Vars An Island Or A Peninsula?

Ans: Vars is an island. This is why it has no connection whatsoever to its neighbours.

2.What Time Of Year Will Vars Be Fully Accessible?

Ans: The bottom part of Vars will be fully accessible at short notice. The top part, including the ruins and chapel is harder to access due to its components (the castle’s foundation for example).

3.How Much Does It Cost?

Ans: Three days in Vars are €35 per person during the high season from June 15th – August 31st 2018 which includes accommodation, meals and guided tours throughout your stay with an experienced Swiss guide.

4.What Is The Charter Flight To Vars?

Ans: A daily shuttle operated by AeroFly Switzerland or HB Aviation. If you wish to fly private, your options include a cabin and twin seats on CATair’s Swiss Classic Plane for €79 per person and an open one for only €95.

5.Do I Have To Pre-Book My Accommodation?

Ans: No, there is a wide range of accommodations for all budgets.

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