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Chissioua Mtsamboro


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Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Island is an offshore island located in the Atlantic Ocean about 310 kilometers off the coast of the Republic of the Congo. The island is about 8 kilometers long and 5 kilometers wide. The island is uninhabited. The island is part of a group of islands known as the Gambia Islands and together they are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chissioua Mtsamboro

Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Island History

Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most pristine coral islands in the Indian Ocean. It is also known for its rich history, dating back over 2,000 years. Here are some key facts about the island and its history:

  1. The island was first settled by the Bantu people in the late 4th century AD.
  2. It was later occupied by the Portuguese, who used it as a base for their explorations of the Indian Ocean. The British also occupied it during their colonial rule of India.
  3. Zamburu Island was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. It is currently managed by the Zamburu Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by local community members.
  4. The island has remained relatively unchanged since its settlement by the Bantu people, and is home to a unique cultural heritage that is still being preserved today. Some of the notable attractions on Zamburu Island include its traditional houses, churches, and mosques.



The climate of Chissioua Mtsamboro is a tropical rainforest climate, with a 24-hour average temperature ranging from 21.4 °C to 31.4 °C. The year-round average temperature is 26.5 °C. The warmest month is March with an average temperature of 28.6 °C, and the coolest month is January with an average temperature of 25.3 °C. There is an average of 1010 mm of rainfall annually, and the driest month is August with an average rainfall of 594 mm.



Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Culture is the traditional way of life of the people living on Zamburu Island. It is a living tradition that has been passed down from one generation to the next.

The Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Culture is a way of life that revolves around the land, the sea and the sky. It is a way of life that has been passed down from one generation to the next, and it encompasses everything from the art and architecture that is exhibited to the traditional ceremonies and celebrations that are held throughout the year.

The Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Culture is an oral tradition, and it is manifested in the way that stories, legends and oral history are passed down from one generation to the next. The culture is also expressed through music, dance, poetry and literature.



The political system of Zamburu Island is a democratic one, and the island is governed by a democratically-elected parliament. The island also has an independent judiciary, and it has been declared a secular state.



The economy of Zamburu Island is based mainly on agriculture, tourism and fishing. Agriculture constitutes the largest sector of the economy, and it provides employment for a significant number of people who work in both small businesses as well as large plantations. Tourism is another important sector of the economy, and it has been growing rapidly over recent years thanks to the popularity of visits to traditional villages , island resorts, as well as yacht charters.

Government services

Government Services

The Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Government services are as follows:

-Police: provide security and public order as well as liaison with national and international agencies;

-Fire: responds to fires and emergencies;

-Health: provides basic health services is clinics on the island;

-Education: provides primary, secondary, and tertiary education on the island.


Riley's Island Tourism

Zamburu Island is a popular tourist destination, and it has a number of well-known resorts. Some of the most popular destinations on Zamburu Island include:

-Mtsamboro island: one of the most traditional villages on the island is located on Mtsamboro island;

-Kuba island: Kuba island is known for its pristine white sand beaches ;

-Lembeju beach resort: Lembeju beach Resort offers facilities such as freshwater pools, sun loungers, restaurants and bars as well as an ATM machine.



The island is accessible by air and sea. Air travel is available through the Lufthansa subsidiary, Zamburu Airport . The island can also be reached by ferry from Makeni in Tanzania. The island can be reached from other ports in Africa, e.g., Dar es Salaam is an easy drive away on the mainland , and can be reached by ferry from Lamu in Kenya, or Jiwaka, a coastal town on the island’s north-east side.



Zamburu island cuisine is characterised by a variety of fish and seafood dishes as well as vegetables, fruits, and staple foods. Local wines are also popular.


Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) Island is a small, uninhabited island located in the Zambezi River, opposite Victoria Falls. It was first sighted by Europeans on 21 April 1852 and charted by the French cartographer J.B. Desbrosses. The island was named after the Chissioua people, who are the principal inhabitants of the islands that make up Lake Chissioua in central Zambia.


1.What Is The Climate Like On Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island)?

Ans: The climate on Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island) is tropical, with a mean temperature of 27°C. The island experiences a hot, humid season from June to September and a mild, dry season from October to May.

2.What Are Some Of The Typical Activities That Can Be Done On Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island)?

Ans: There are few things to do on Chissioua M tsamboro (Zamburu Island), as the island is uninhabited and only accessible by boat. Activities that may be enjoyed on the island include swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling.

3.Is There A Hotel On Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island)?

Ans: No, there is no hotel on Chissioua M tsamboro (Zamburu Island). However, transportation to and from the island can be arranged through tour companies.

4.Is There A Restaurant On Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island)?

Ans: There is no formal restaurants on Chissioua M tsamboro (Zamburu Island), but informal eateries may be found in the island’s villages. Local food typically includes rice, fish, and fruits.

5.Are There Any Activities That Are Not Safe For Visitors To Do On Chissioua Mtsamboro (Zamburu Island)?

Ans: There is no activity on Chissioua M tsamboro (Zamburu Island) that is considered unsafe for visitors. However, the island is isolated and travelers should be aware of the risks associated with traveling in remote areas.

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