A Beautiful Mind 2001 Storyline and Review



A Beautiful Mind 2001 Storyline and Review


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The Beautiful Mind is a biographical drama film directed by Ron Howard and based on the non-fiction book of the same name written by Sylvia Nasar. The film stars Russell Crowe as John Nash, a former mathematics prodigy who struggles with paranoid schizophrenia and struggles to find his place in life. This is a story of love, loss, betrayal and the struggle to overcome tragedy. An inspiring story that has you on the edge of your seat right till the end. A heart-wrenching movie that will leave you in tears.

A Beautiful Mind 2001 Storyline and Review

Characters of A Beautiful Mind

John Nash

John Nash

John Nash is a brilliant mathematical prodigy who suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. He believes that he can work out the strategies of every game by analyzing its moves before making his own and feels as though others are always trying to sabotage him, this leads him to develop delusions about his father’s plans for training him in Japanese samurai techniques instead of chess like they had planned – which then has the side effect of John believing that everything he does on paper or through.

Alicia Nash

Alicia Nash

John’s wife who becomes his career and gets blamed for John’s condition. She is a ball of fury, frustrated by what seems like the madness in her husband – despite how much she loves him – leaving the family to suffer at times, however this causes turmoil between John and Alicia but they stay together through it all.



A paranoid schizophrenic who becomes John’s legal guardian, he loves chess and hates it all others alike. Helps to develop some of the best strategies so important in football (soccer), this causes Parched to lose interest in everything else – including his family that aren’t even interested besides him at times – This gives rise to a rivalry between these two characters that literally spirals out of control as both come apart from each other due too.



A police detective who has been assigned to the case for thirteen years with no conclusion and a hatred of everything about it. He gets his hands on a few things shortly in the film that could be needed but at times after he’s done John realizes how much attention this man is paying.



John’s agent and friend, he tries to help John get a career back but soon is sucked into the madness. This causes him some work issues as it seems that everyone wants this particular player for their own ends – causing things to fall apart again between the two even when Toby was just trying to be there for his friend.

A Beautiful Mind 2001 Storyline

The timeline in the film starts when John Nash is already a celebrity, he has won Nobel prize for economics and is an actual genius; some think of him as evil or insane they both don’t know what to do. The first scene carries on into his kidnapping, this was done whichever way through today I find it more plausible that John had help corrupt cops to kidnap so we are then led onto how things went down afterwards with Parched who can be seen anywhere and at any time.

Pacher’s Rules.

Whenever I was in control of what would happen, then you did it to someone else (I’ll cover how this happened later) One thing we see very easily is his absolute hatred for John Nash – He calls him “greatest enemy/demon” of all times declaring that he will kill him if only he can find out who ‘wants’ a letter from the wife.


A prologue that runs just before the film begins; it’s all normally written in 1st person perspective.

Prologue- Screenplay: Summary, Logline & Story Map Tips Hansen passes on some notes to John Nash which are written in his own handwriting (known as “Nash’s script”). It states that ‘John needs to have a mental breakdown, he needs to smoke out of the picture’ through this we discover why rescue teams were called for when nothing was actually wrong. This goes onto show just how crazy and obsessive Parched is about it. He could really see himself getting someone who hasn’t been close.

Screenplay Notes: Some have suggested that since John is a genius, his director observes too much of him and what he can become. So, they carefully hide some details from him to try and keep his secret as secure as possible but this happens throughout the film. This also shows just how well studied Parched really was about Nash being an asthmatic (For more information on Asthma go here.)

Rising Action

John and Akilah arrive at the city of Portland, Oregon. They then see a man smoking outside – it’s this that triggers John to have his ‘Breakdown’. You get to hear just how bad his asthma really (and it’s not real) is first which left him trothed for days after he caught badly from aliens. John tells Akilah about some things including mental breakdowns in parks, on trains and planes etc. B Story – The FBI – John & Akilah work out a confession from the two men who shot him at his apartment. With one dead there is no need for them to stay any longer as they can move on with their investigation, but this breaks up Akala’s relationship and she returns to her native Cairo.

It gives you an idea of how serious his asthma was which left Nash in pain and unable to work for days. It also came back to bite him as his wife Akilah fell in love with one of them after a conversation they shared together, which put her life and career at risk too.

Whenever I was in control of what would happen, then you did it to someone else (I’ll cover how this happened later) One thing we see very easily is his absolute hatred for John Nash – He calls him “greatest enemy/demon” of all times declaring that he will kill him if only he can find out who ‘wants’ a letter from the wife.


Climactic and/or thematic statement. “Parched wanted all the attention for himself. He, not John Nash or his wife unwittingly forced that situation upon him.” – Rebecca Lover (actress) “I think at this point it’s expected these guys have been to Iraq together – I would like to see what happens if they do go into battle in a war zone again.”- Stacy Keech “John and the wife thought they had a secret that was even deeper than his illness. Parched found this out, he would kill them all if he could.”

Failing Action

This movie was released on 2 January. It is about a small-time con man played by Ewan McGregor and a large time conman played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, inspired from the life of Lee Coles who would often pick up vagrants in 4×4 vehicles to play his part as if he were “in charge”.

Social Network (British English), Social Network: La Moved del Palo (Spanish) is a 2010 Spanish drama film adapted from the 2006 book “The Accidental Billionaires” by Ben Madrich. The screenplay was written and directed by David Fincher, based on his own screen adaptation of the book’s story in which Jesse Eisenberg takes over Mark Zuckerberg’s role. Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin also appears.


Alex Proyas directed and very well executed The Return of the King (2001). It is a wonderful fantasy film that pits Sauron’s elvish hordes against Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippin in their quest to destroy the One Ring.

This movie quickly became one of my all-time favorite movies through its excellent story telling quality combined with fantastic special effects portraying a magical world where nothing seems impossible; though some could argue that it is impossible to defeat a super-power like Sauron.

Relevance of this movie in terms of the message that I am trying to get across with regards to finding true peace and unity within yourself, you may be asking? The reason why this was such an impacting story as well as one which left me on the edge of my seat throughout till the end was not only because everything played out so perfectly according To Plan.

A Beautiful Mind 2001 Review

A Beautiful Mind 2001 Review

It is about John Nash, a brilliant man who has suffered from mental illness all his life with obsessive compulsive disorders.

Congress film critics have ranked this movie among the best political films of 2010, calling it “humorous and gritty” while praising its authenticity. Winston is presented as an anti-establishmentarian socialist hero whose character embodies that of a strong Democratic opponent to Sen. John McCain in 2008 during his presidential campaign. Although the movie is nominated for many awards, including a Golden Globe award and an Academy Award nomination.

However, it did fall short of winning either one; although I am sure they would have beat its competitors had they won an Oscar instead of earning honorable mention at the Oscars 2009 in their categories Best Special Effects (Production Design) a Best Art Direction (Set Decoration).

What People Like About a Beautiful Mind 2001?

Relevance of the movie for overcoming life hurdles and shortcomings

A Beautiful Mind 2001 is a story about a brilliant mathematician from an early age who was severely abused by his father, it is said that his widowed mother had to become three different identities due to all the taunting remarks. And little John never knew her true identity most of school until one day he saw letters she wrote meant for him in care packages sent overseas before stepping out.

  1. The film opens with the nerd playing chess in his room while reciting a poem. While some people think that it was just superstition and timing but John Nash, who eventually became famous for discovering game theory prove everybody wrong by retaining the same time of opening his window at precisely 11:47pm
  2. To the world this was just another kid who probably took a wrong turn in life (as many other failed mathematicians) but John Nash made an extraordinary discovery by proving co-existence of two groups, with all its repercussions up till today.
  3. His brilliant mind not only discovered new theories and applications for economics or game theory but also, he opened a crack to our own reality; That human behavior is often as predictable as mathematics. In 1981 Ronald Reagan

What People Do Not Like About a Beautiful Mind 2001?

How they rushed into scene transitions. It was like those ‘not what you are supposed to do’ moments when you look back at a film…that dissolve from black & white to color and then fade way too quickly. There should have been some effort taken on this point in order for it not to look a little choppy. This would wonder in any movie that has many similar moments. As if it was rushed to get on its basic point while sacrificing the big reveal of course that story points toward towards what I found subpar about below.

  1. Perhaps people also blame saving scenes, but again how do we really feel “excitement?” It’s probably something subtle in my eyes because there is no common thread from clip-side transition to. It’s actually not a feeling of bad editing but more like the natural flow is interrupted.
  2. The most disappointing scoring for me (might just because I’m ignorant about what normal people would see as average) was when Sylvia drops the letter to reveal her face on an angry side. As it goes along that entire scene supposedly “goes wrong” and you watch at home with a slow-motion effect while she tries everything in power to avoid that staring face and it becomes more dramatic for people.
  3. If I had reached this point in the movie and started watching alone, I would have stops thinking about why those moments were made to be epic? To sit there with finger’s crossed “please go right”. And then the shock of course occurs; everything we wanted silenced or disguised made a big statement on us…it was unbelievable!

Final Thought

At its heart, 2001: A Space Odyssey is a love story. This epic film has a handful of beautiful scenes in which the main characters are alone together. It’s an experience that transcends mere entertainment and instead inspires reflection on humanity’s place in the universe and on our relationship with technology. A Beautiful Mind is an American biographical drama film based on the life of Nobel Laureate John Forbes Nash, Jr. The film was directed by Ron Howard and stars Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Ed Harris.


What Are the Similarities Between a Beautiful Mind 2001 and the Original Movie?

The 2001 version of A Beautiful Mind feels much more like the original movie. The book was written by a Princeton professor in his late 40s and published to little fanfare because it didn’t have any action, adventure or thrill (which is the core plot issues for many biographical dramas). Yet what happened when MGM purchased that script 20 years later? What made them believe viewers would be interested after such an extended period had gone by since its first release.

Is This a Good Remake of a Beautiful Mind, or Should It Have Been Left Alone?

It’s hard to say. When the original story was first released in theaters, audiences were so confused that they created an entire page of questions on IMDB accusing moviegoers of living under a rock and mentioning multiple other movies with the same plot that had been made earlier or after this one Detective).

I Think It Would Have Been Best if Metro/dreamworks Hadn’t Changed Anything

Instead, it felt like some Hollywood executive sitting in his office was screening the movie and thought “hey what if I took this poet’s story as a thriller?” So, has Russell Crowe become that bad guy he is portrayed too often? Or have they tried to make him look more relatable by coloring his skin yellow-brown instead of white. I think here again that casting decisions are leaving audiences scratching their heads. Also, horrible choices were made.

What Are Some of the Differences Between a Beautiful Mind 2001 and the Original Movie?

The original movie is as simple and straight forward with its message. It’s a good story about our very human and complicated behaviors in society, which of course was also the title of his best-selling book (which he declined to make into an Antman film when Marvel first called him because “that sounded like super heroics”). A Beautiful Mind 2001 feels more complex because it uses flashbacks that add unnecessary layers on top of already exuberant situation.

Does This Make Sense to You, or Does It Seem Like a Random Assortment of Events?

ha-ha, well yeah this is the story of a science genius who knows too much about pretty mundane things. I mean what could have been a simple thriller about someone with Asperger’s Syndrome showing us how to understand his emotions and reactions now becomes something bigger.

The film does hit home in parts though because obviously anyone can relate to having an inferiority complex against classic academic laurels, or even feeling pressure from parents that you know less than

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