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Baird Island


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In terms of weather and landscape, you couldn’t have a better location to explore anything. An island in the Salt Lake region located off the coast of Kanyakumari, Baird Island is one of the famous tourist destinations in India.

It is a beautiful place to visit, with views of the Bay of Bengal, churches and monasteries, and quality hotels and resorts. But where else stands out among all these unique sights and villas? The island’s hidden treasures! Which are not just beaches or night views but are surrounded by touchable spots to make them easy to discover.

All About Of Baird Island

Baird Island


Baird Island is a very old island, which was formed ages ago by the melt of glaciers. This proves that it’s one of the oldest islands in India. The history goes back to centuries when dhows were used for sea trade from East Africa and Ethiopia towards this part of India and West Indies. These ships had built up rare design around 1750 A S or earlier during Portuguese period about 600 years before Indian independence, even though these vessels are



Baird Island has a climate slightly warmer than Dakshinapur due to its location near the sea. Nevertheless, it is considered a pleasant place for daily life. Moreover, the ocean breeze keeps you cool during summer until December and winter days are wonderfully mild upto December 30th or 31st although drastically cold along with heavy rain but minimum rainfall of about 25 cm happens in January or February which does not cause any problem at all! Or even



The island is famous for twin churches, a memorial of Saint Francis Xavier and the Diocese Museum. It’s easy to go crazy walking around museums with 200+ year old relics inside rooms untouched by modern hands since only Fr Michael Augustine Russell visited there after 1960 when he was the Bishop of Trichur who had opened the Island museum in 1994!

Dora Kukunor on Baird Island lies approximately from Phuket International Airport (Th


It is a very republic Island as we can witness from its flag, but even more what you will see once reaching island by plane. also because of different culture behind these two cities which are separated due to large distance along with the social divide .

Amaravati International airport (Chan) has its own services for flying in and out of Chan Airport. All passengers must clear immigration before exiting final security check per usual entry requirements

Government Services

Basic needs such as health care, education and infrastructure are provided by the government. A wide range of goods and services are available in both cities.

Baird Island is part of Thailand’s Phuket Province. The island has a population of around 2,000 people who speak Thai as their first language.



The majority of Baird Islanders have completed high school or university level studies and many have advanced degrees from international universities. There are government operated schools in the island. There are 9 primary, 3 secondary and 2 kindergartens on the Island

Many of these tuition costs can be offset or subsidized through competitive financial aid programs that many colleges have to offer. Money donated by alumni is a great way to help families in need access higher education opportunities for their children!


The main tourist attraction on the island is the Baird Island Museum. The museum was opened in 1994 by Bishop Dora Kukunor and features a permanent collection of artifacts from throughout Southeast Asia.

The island also offers beautiful beaches, lush rainforest and quiet villages that can be explored by foot or bicycle. There are numerous tour operators who offer custom trips to the island

Electricity is available round-the-clock in both Phuket and Chan. Air conditioning is available in the homes and businesses of both cities at an average cost of one baht per hour . This covers light bulbs, surge protectors, fridges, dehumidifiers and air filters with a maximum fixed charge (In Phuket its 150 FAR; In Chan it’s 60 FARR) for any appliance larger than a TV.


Baird Island is accessible by boat from both Phuket and Chan. From Phuket, boats leave frequently throughout the day and take about 1.5 hours to reach the island

From Chan, boats depart twice a day and take about 2 hours to reach Baird Island

Once on the island, there are few roads so visitors have to rely on bicycle or foot transportation . To reach most parts of the island, one must take small boats to certain locations (a 10-minute boat ride from the village is recommended)

To get to Rangoon Bay or Pakraka Pond you may have to hike through dense jungle. The closer am visitors coming,the less time there will be for hiking even though trails and paths are commonly marked on signs in various languages.


The local cuisine is dominated by seafood with fresh fruit and vegetables also commonly eaten. Dishes such as fresh oysters, crab, fish soup and roasted grouper are common

The island has a limited hotel infrastructure so visitors are advised to research specific accommodation options in advance In the year 2009, a new community based eco tourism initiatives was launched by Mrs. Delia Ackermana who aimed at helping to preserve and conserve the environment in Phuket.



Baird is a very popular place for spotting both endangered and common species of fish such as bronze tiger barbs, spiny eels and butterfly fighters. Three-toed sloth lizards inhabit the island

Besides that Baird Island has many other rare plants including cacti, palms; mother agaricia (a kind of mushrooms) among nearly 100 different kinds . The birdlife consists mostly of hermit thrush , woodpeck ers, the Hawaiian cozies and blue noddy

Also there are about 250 individual species of butterfly on the island . Main ones being mud turtles , colourful wainscots and hibiscus meadow browns. Although many endangered tropical trees endemic to Thailand such as mangosteen , were cut down in recent decades, its original flora is enjoying some revival due significant efforts by nature conservationists from its native population who devoted that time


Baird is blessed with a plethora of natural beauty, wildlife and wildlife. Extensive tourism along with participation in industries that rely on its abundant resources has played a key role in promoting the island. The island is now part of the Saint Lawrence Islands chain and is a favourite tourist spot. So, even if you have to, give this place a try to know what draws people here for year after year.


1.Do You Have Any Other Ideas Or Suggestions For Me About How I Can Help With This Project?

Ans. I hate to state the obvious, but I think we should apply for some grants. Right now, there is just no money in this project (like all other projects). Funds will be needed as part of sustainable ecosystem preservation programs that are beyond what most governments provide. Basically our approach has less than 5% chance ,of succeeding with government support…or any amount of private foundation funding…. But grant writing skills can help you obtain funds and make a bigger

2.How Can I Get More Information About Baird Island And What’s Going On There?

Ans. I suggest that people interested get a copy of “Baird Island” by Charles W. Schmitt, (the local administrator living at the Settlement House on Northwest Passage as it was then known).

3.What Is Baird Island?

Ans. Baird is a group of islands in the Saint Lawrence River on Canada’s Ungava Peninsula, many of them large enough to have been used by European explorers during the mid-1600s. The majority (80%) are part of Ungava Bay and do not touch each other except at one point just below Prince Leopold Point, where they meet over shallow water. These six major topped landmasses include Wanderer Island and Bear Island

4.Is It True That The Island Used To Be A Prison?

Ans. Yes it did, for some years. But the prison closed down in 1914 and was then improved as a Reformatory school or “cottage”.

Is there any information about an ex-prisoner from Baird Island?

Yes, the Acadian convict who had escaped to Alaska [Footnote 1] where he has written his experiences with William Dampier on Fish River (Eagle and Kahursic canoes) during 1774-76;

5.What Are The Plans For The Future Of Baird Island?

Ans. There is no short answer to this question as plans for Baird Island are always in flux. The Settlement House on Northwest Passage has been slowly restoring the buildings which have been damaged by weather and vandalism over the years, with a focus on preserving what remains of its historical context.

There is also ongoing concern about invasive species, climate change and economic development affecting this environmentally fragile region . Baird Island is an important part of the local Rainy River community, and its future needs to be taken into account when making decisions about it.

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