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If you’re ever looking for a relaxing getaway, Carlisle Island should be at the top of your list. With its crystal-clear waters, lush forests, and sandy beaches, it’s no wonder this island is a popular destination for tourists. But what you might not know is that this picturesque locale is also home to some of the best hiking trails in the province. So if you’re itching to explore some new trails, or just want to take a break from the city grind, make sure to add Carlisle Island to your itinerary.

Carlisle Island


Carlisle Island first emerged as a recognizable landmark on the map in the early 1800s, when it was used as a military base by the British. During World War II, portions of the island were destroyed by bombing raids, but today it’s back to its natural beauty and is home to some of Prince Edward Island’s most sought-after luxury properties.

Once you’ve explored the island’s natural beauty, it might be time for a snack. While there are no cafes or restaurants on Carlisle Island, some of PDI’s most popular attractions will do in as fine a pick-me-up: Charlotte County Park , Forks Provincial Park and Brandon Trail .

Each one of these areas offers its own unique set of magnificent sights to check out – from stunning sunsets at Charlottetown waterfront park to beautiful views from atop the Scarborough Bluffs . And since this area is so isolated, expect that your trip looks like somewhat untouched paradise!



The island’s climate is temperate and humid. The average low temperature in January is -10°C, while the average high temperature in July is 27°C.

Entertainment and Attractions

Carlisle Entertainment and Attractions

Carlisle Island is a great place to enjoy nature. With hundreds of kilometres of empty beaches, it’s the go-to spot for sunbathing during the summer months as well as beachcombing in its crystal waters while enjoying some wildlife exploration.

However, if you’re not so keen on relaxing by the shore, there are plenty of other things that can entertain you up close! Some popular activities include: bird watching , hiking on over 20km (12 miles) of walking trails with 300m (984 ft.) cliffs overlooking Blockhouse Bay Gorge Mountain biking cycling swan and sea kayaking a jet boat tour to Wardville Island , or even exploring an old bark castle.

While there aren’t very many attractions here, you could visit:  Charlottetown Visitor Information Centre : A little place where you can find information about all the city’s tourist sites as well as city fun facts and some history on Carlisle Island Charles Fort National Historic Site : Features interactive exhibits tracing its history from early settlement in 1761 through military occupation with plans for restoration of cannon fire after 1700 to abandoned fortifications post war .


Carlisle Culture

Carlisle Islanders are known for their friendly and welcoming nature, with a strong community spirit. There is also a vibrant arts scene, with many local artists making their livelihood from the island’s thriving art market. In addition to visual artists, the island is also home to a large community of accomplished musicians.

There are two amateur choral groups who sing at many public events around Prince Edward Island and have been travelling throughout eastern Canada for over 40 years – this group has won numerous awards including national titles in several choir competitions in the past decade! While there isn’t much available when it comes down to non-arts activity, travellers can enjoy visiting local artist’s studio exhibitions or watching live indie movie nights  on Friday Nights (50 cent hotdogs).



Prince Edward Island is a province of Canada, located in the easternmost part of the country. The main towns on P.E.I., Charlottetown and Summerside, are both quite large with populations over 10,000 people each; however there are also numerous small towns dotting the island that can barely support a population greater than 1,000 people apiece.

Given this reality it’s no surprise that the politics of P.E .I  share many similarities to those found in other provinces across Canada – for example, its provincial election is held every four years (in contrast to the U.S., where elections are held every two years). Currently, the P , E .i  Liberal Party holds a majority of seats on the Island’s Legislative Assembly.

Government services

Government services

Prince Edward Island has a number of government services that are available to islanders, including health care, education and social assistance. The island also participates in the Canada-wide Social Transfer program which provides funding to municipalities across the country, making it possible for island towns to provide some of the same municipal services that are found on larger urban centres mainland.



Prince Edward Island experiences a wide range of weather conditions throughout the year – from hot summers and cold winters to rainy days and bright sunshine. While there is no clear “typical” weather pattern on P.E .I., visitors will appreciate the island’s mild climate; this means warmer summer days and crisp cool spring/fall mornings.

The following is a list of most frequently asked questions that have been recently received by our office at one point or another: What to bring? Clothes – you’re going to be outside 24-7, so it helps if they lend your wardrobe some versatility (wicking running pants work in any situation). Sunglasses are also an important accessory as there isn’t much natural light on these islands during daytime hours!


Carlisle island Tourism

Prince Edward Island is a popular tourist destination, with a variety of attractions to explore. The island is home to world-renowned beaches, dramatic landscapes and interesting towns and villages.

Visitors can enjoy skiing or snowboarding at nearby resorts, bike riding along the many scenic routes or take in the views from any one of the island’s many mountain peaks. Inland adventures include fishing for salmon or trout in protected rivers or hiking through beautiful forests filled with wildflowers.


Carlisle Island is a place that’s perfect for retreats and escapes. The island offers a wide range of activities for visitors, from hiking and swimming to fishing and bird-watching. There are also several quaint villages located on the island, perfect for exploring and taking in the local culture. In addition to its natural attractions, Carlisle Island is also home to some of the most impressive historical sites in Nova Scotia. From Fortress Louisbourg to St. John’s Fort, there’s plenty to see and do on this idyllic little island!


1 . What is the Climate Like on Carlisle Island?

The island has a warm, humid climate. It experiences four seasons, with mild winters and hot summers. The average temperature in winter is around -5 degrees Celsius, while the summer months can be scorching hot!

2. How Big is Carlisle Island?

Carlisle island is about 10 square kilometres in size.

3. Is There Any Accommodation Available on Carlisle Island?

Yes, there are several private cottages and guest houses located on the island that offer lodging for tourists. There are also some campgrounds available on the island, where you can camp for free in your vehicle.

4. How Far is Carlisle Island From Halifax?

Carlisle island is about a 2 hour drive or ferry ride from Halifax. It takes approximately 30 minutes by ferry to get there!

5. What is the Aboriginal Population of Carlisle Island?

There are no aboriginal people living on Carlisle island, though the island was once inhabited by the Mi’kmaq Tribe.

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