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Endresen Islands


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Endresen Islands is a group of uninhabited islands located in the North Atlantic Ocean, about halfway between Iceland and Newfoundland. The group is named after the Danish navigator Vitus Bering, who visited them in 1728.

All About Of Isla Endresen Islands

Endresen Islands


The Endresen Islands are a well-known area for marine research. During the early 20th century more than 50 nautical miles (91 km) from land, the islands were a favourite destination for whalers and sealers trying to find rare species of whales on special expeditions in search of bowheads or other elusive cetaceans such as sperm whale and Right Whales.

At least three ships have been lost during such explor ations, including the schooner “Seneca” on 1 April 1904 whose disappearance was said to have been caused by the “abominable snowman”.

Today only a few abandoned coves and lighthouses mark the presence of these once populated islands. The Endresen Islands are home to twenty-two rocky islets which are under careful conservation regulations implemented in 1962.

All visitors must submit biennial permits for marine research and environmental impact assessment inspections and are forbidden from landing on the islands themselves. From April 1 to July 5, 2008 a fishing quota was in place for hook-and-line salvagers serving commercial fishermen of other vessels operating off Newfoundland..



Vitus Bering, exploring for Russian ambitions to colonize North America along with the goal of finding new routes to Asia from Europe. In 1728 he sighted land in 87° 12′ N and headed towards it against strong North Atlantic winds.

He sailed through northeast Greenland (Inuit name: Taivalkitaq), which was discovered by European expeditions later such as those led by Eric von Toll during his circumnav igation of the Americas in 1743-5 and by James Cook later.

Bering lost 18 men before finding a passage through to Kamchatka that he named after Peter the Great, who was emperor at that time.

Thus Bering became one of the first documented Europeans to have “discovered” North America; this supposed discovery is therefore noted as being made on 20 January 1741 (New Style October 26), while taking possession several days earlier on 15 October 1739, the Gregorian Calendar (then in force), on his departure from Wrangel Island.

Bering was buried near Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky at St Petros and also Dmitri Bay, Russia together with some members of his expedition crew who had died there during winter before step-off again to test their frigates built in Kamchatka against ice conditions being recorded by both ships.



The community’s culture is closely linked to that of nearby Burgeo, the local district encompassing under the Roman Catholic Diocese of Gander and Labrador City l. As with other parishes in Newfoundland, St John’s Catholicism was largely Anglican until as recently as 1972.

In 1762 Saint-Pierre Nfld became for a short period a parish within French territory when its settlers were forced there against their will by absentee landlords sent.



St. Pierre et Miquelon was settled by a group of Welsh fishermen in 1689 who built shelters on Pigeon Island and the western shoreline islands, west of Sangster’s Reef (which they named).

They are thought to be among many ethnic groups that inhabited Newfoundland before European colonisation: Norsemen from Iceland, Norse settlers from Greenland or “Greenlanders” as some records refer to them as; Basque-con quistadores and Portuguese who described themselves as “Terraldehut” or coastal people, Basque fishermen from the west coast of Spain; Irish (e.g., Lawrence Fitzgerald) and Bretons (fishing).

St-Pierre’s is also one of very few French speaking communities in Canada. While virtually all other linguistic groups speak English this community speaks only French. The next to arrive were Dutch fisher folk employed by the British.

Government services

Government Services

This two year colony failed and the refugees were moved to Recherche Isle (now part of St Pierre) later in 1696 and by 1704 they had grown into a prosperous community which passed under British control at the latter date.

The “Capitale-Nationale”, as it was then known, became their third capital after Newfoundland & Labrador falling within its jurisdiction first in 1815 but again on March 31 1920 when Canada reorganized itself into.



If you want to visit St-Pierre, the best place is Pigeon Island. For many years now it has been a favorite spot for American former prisoners of war as well as Atlantic Treaty block nations members wanting peace and quiet since they were not able to fly home from Operation Iraqi Freedom due their much needed physical condition before going on deployment

Other side activities in this northern island are whale watching tours or sunbathing on its beaches. Water sports are also very common all season long such as hiking, paragliding and kayaking



Saint-Pierre is located on the main highway to Gaspé and its airport serves a large rural area served by commercial flights. There is no regular taxi service to the airport, so visitors have actually to walk all the way there.

There are several companies offering transportation between Mont-Joli and St-Pierre in a car or mini bus trip including Air Transat, Air Lib, Aerosud and North Star


Endresen Islands are an archipelago located in the middle of the Norwegian Sea. These islands offer magnificent views of the surrounding sea and islands, as well as some of the most pristine waters in the world. A nature lover’s paradise, hiking, kayaking, and swimming are popular activities here.

Several wooden lodges are situated on the islands, each with its own unique style and set of amenities. During the summer months, visitors can enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as sailing, fishing, swimming, boating, and more.


1.How Many Islands Are In The Endresen Archipelago?

Ans: Endresen Islands are a series of uninhabited islands located in the Marie Byrd Land region of Antarctica, about halfway between Australia and South America.

The islands were discovered in 1820 by the British sealing captain James Cook. Cook named one of the islands Snares Island after his ship’s surgeon, John Snares.

2.What Are The Main Attractions On The Islands?

Ans: The Endresen Islands are a group of small uninhabited islands located in the Vestfold Hills, just east of the town of Fredrikstad, in southeastern Norway.

They are part of the Oslofjord and are part of the municipal unit of Fredrikstad. Administratively, they are a part of the Oppdal prosti (province), and they have a population of about seven people.

3.Are There Any Transport Options Available For Getting To The Islands?

Ans: The Endresen Islands, also known as the Adamantoise Islands, are a set of eight small volcanic islands located in the central Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

The islands are part of the Fox Island National Wildlife Refuge and are home to many seabirds, including puffins, murres, and gannets. The islands were named after Norwegian whaling captain and explorer Ejnar Endresen.

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