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The Incredible Hulk Meaning and Ending




The Incredible Hulk

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Hulk means “hulk” in Norse. The original, as well as its English translation, was Land of Giants. But when the Hulk was recast in comic books as his big green alter ego, Marvel changed the translation to the more recent, probably more accurate one. The veracity of this translation is not limited to it being just one of many, but also that the comic book world is one in which there are no limits to its experimentation with language.

All About Of The Incredible Hulk Meaning and Ending

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk Meaning

The Incredible Hulk Meaning and Ending – One of the best superhero movies out there. Check for it on Netflix

The Incredible Hulk was a complete disaster at the box office. Nowadays, everybody seems to have forgotten about this movie because Hiddleston’s face has been clogging up their brain from his turn as Loki in Thor: The Dark World  (and I loved that film even with Tom Hiddleston). But though nobody remembers.

The Incredible Hulk was not a terrible movie. It did have it’s good moments and cheesiest moment, but as I said above, mostly Hiddleston ruins what could’ve been great superhero film with this role. Anyway… Here are some interesting facts about The Incredible Hulk .

A Slight Change To The Comic: It is not your average film where the jock becomes a superhero, but rather two of them (The Hulk and his brother Rick) inherit some kind of power after an experiment in raising clouds triggered by a nearby atomic blast  I do enjoy movies with more melancholic endings like Alan Silvestri did quite well on Two Worlds , both as Batman Begins & Dark.

The Incredible Hulk Ending Explanation

The Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk ending Explanation  – Another explanation on the taking of our previous superheroes, I might add. Don’t say anything until you’ve seen it yourself. Also watch his TED Talk at around 13:50 because he explains more about this topic in detail and helped me understand how everything happened and what some parts are referring to too!

The only action sequence available at IMDb is shown below… There were no real fight scenes or heavy choreography. They used CGI which worked well and it also helped that Hulk was able to fly around with ease destroying things as he pleased. Comedic scenes close the movie out… And then a “dramatic” ending requires you see what happens afterward since nobody dies in real life I assume (Rick is either dead or not sure’s left the country after being homeless even):

Similarities: Not only do both The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man share the Marvel comics company, but their trailers have also been released just a few days apart. Hmmm… Perhaps I will rewatch those scenes from Tony Stark’s last scene to see if there are any coincidences in terms of locations surrounding those sentences (each sentence is like a poster on your wall). Jokes aside, at no point did they directly compare Chiuchiu to God.

The Incredible Hulk Ending Explanation

Iron Man 2 was by far my favorite since I got into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in 2010. It also cast me for various types of people and introduced a whole new mess (I see what you did there Marvel!). Viewers who saw it had no idea that this movie took place after Tony’s whole “Joan believes he is dead” line, so most of the audience had no idea.

Throughout all I’ve learned over my viewings of this particular genre, there were two scenes that stood out: Zola’s conversation with Nick Fury and Tony sparing a kid and then destroying a good portion of his house afterwards! In The Incredible Hulk when Rick says “You have become something more than human” it was really powerful for me as he makes an argument about how humans became like Abomination once .

Key Characters From the Incredible Hulk

In my own personal opinion, the Hulk has always had a fascination with iron objects. Iron Man too! We meet Zola at Howard’s house in the beginning and she is seen using some kind of electric bracelet to knock down any electronic device possibly within her grasp.



The trailer showed that Bruce Banner gets a rather basic briefcase just like Tony got with his Iron Man suit. There are no cell phones back then, especially CIA communcations agents talking on them (they only used letter formats if it was necessary to make sure those packets were delivered). It may be my personal perception but he did wake up running around when trying to get the Hulk out of him!

That part where he is fighting the guards on a train  was actually rather fun. I liked that this movie didn’t really detail his battle with Abomination too heavily (like in Ang Lee’s film). Zola uses hologram technology to get out of her cell and seems thrilled with all those nuclear power cells around so she can use them as weapons. Given what has happened recently, we saw some more security in Iron Man 2

Iron Man

Iron Man

It is interesting to see why Zola wants revenge on Tony Stark. Notice how SuperBots are shown in the beginning of The Incredible Hulk, which precedes Iron Man 2’s S1E2 so we may be told that there were more BOTS made during Korea’s war by SHIELD but I don’t remember hearing about side effects like her losing legs…or later removing them.

Director Ang Lee has announced that Hulk will return in some form judging from S2E1. He also stated how the film would be very different from the Mark Ruffalo character and showcased a look of Banner at Mr Fantastic, complete with hair and his martial arts style instead of just communicating by cell phone like he does during The Incredible Hulk  S2E4 for Tony Stark to catch up about him.


The scene where Nick Fury inspects the skull of Abomination was actually quite creepy and much more gruesome compared to the original Incredible Hulk comics. I don’t think that this is currently canon – at least in some form or another, but it sets up the plot for next year’s The Avengers: Age of Ultron movie which has been described by Marvel Comics as “Soldier-Killer” with visuals from Iron Man 3.

Fury has “a friend” and his usual cigar is shown prominently although he doesn’t seem too bothered that Abomination was still alive after a battle which includes the Avengers.Tony Stark mentions how Howard Theater got rid of his playwright girlfriend before launching into this lengthy synopsis about planning to woo Pepper Potts – oh, I forgot…none of these relationships last as long if they start in movies!

Thunderbolt Ross

Samuel L. Jackson is not far from the truth to calling him “a pompous ass”, but Jeremy Renner does bring a stronger heroic driven performance as this new SHIELD Director involved in Stark’s team-up for The Avengers, who especially gets along with General Thunderbolt Ross played by Edward Norton .

Final Thought

Be it in TV or on paper, the point where some characters meet their untimely demise is a topic with a long history. For example, Spider-man is famously known for dying twice in his series. But in the case of the Hulk, it’s been a long time since we have watched him falling in traps with an equally long history behind it. So, let’s see what happened to the green-skinned monster, and in this way, find out how the connection between his story and that of the Hulk could help us look deeper into the possibilities of a creative combination of culture and imagination.


1.How Does the Incredible Hulk End?

Ans: The Incredible Hulk ended with Bruce Banner being placed in a cryogenic capsule and probably to be revived when the time comes.

2.Can We See Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner/hulk Again?

Ans: Yes, it’s likely that you might have seen this photo of Mark Ruffalo at Comic-Con: A sign pointing to his possible return as Dr.Bruce Banner after leaving Marvel late 2014… well, if true enough he could very well pop up

3.Is the Hulk Really Indestructible?

Ans: There are many theories about the Hulk’s true durability and whether or not he is truly indestructible. Some believe that because of his superhuman strength, size, and rock-hard skin, the Hulk is virtually invincible.

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