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Galiche Rock


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Galiche rock is a type of stone that originates from the area around the town of Galiche. The name is derived from the Galician word galicia, meaning “the land beyond the sea”. It is a type of sandstone that is used for building purposes, due to its toughness and resistance to weathering.

All About Of Galiche Rock

Galiche Rock


HistoryCharles V of Spain, Holy Roman Emperor and King of Galicia (Principality) granted the village in 1482 a Royal license to found its own shops. The company manufactures hand-forged iron objects made from stone such as door handles, fanlights etc.

Towards the beginning of XX century begins production on quartzite mosaic tiles made by machine; they have not been replaced yet because they are still very popular with contemporary constructors and their inherent resistance makes them perfectly suitable for roofing tiles: extremely resistant under mechanical or chemical influences that make it difficult to scratch due to its hardness.

At the beginning of the 20th century, due to the rich earth which found a high quality for agricultural purposes in order and reach product lines adapted to modern needs with advantage from adapting technology: tiles used mainly as roofing products but also excavation trowels, step flange etc., only being necessary these users who have capital available for investment or extremely large pansizes needed.

The most recent areas that are currently seeing an increase in vocation is those related themes verticality like floors instead of using conventional spaces is limited by traditionality (due dilapidated technologies).


ClimateInside the conventional spaces this is another topic, being traditional materials: mosaic tiles an advantage in that you do not need to leave anything on your walls. Some of them are also recycled and in some places they provide material architectures (sculpted facade).

Among these types of products we can find hand-crafted floor tiles from natural stone quarried such as marble and granite with a variety of sizes depending on their use even if price will be more expensive than the standard imported tile which may have been manufactured for ‘general’ purposes instead usually there are many composed, made by cutting surface without gluing it then subject to a gluing process they are kept in specific areas, so if you fill those that have only one function and not too large.

Atmosphere  The atmosphere of glass includes benefits such as light control , insulation (the strong air conditioning), thermal comfort due to their greater capability for an entrapment of air inside than any other materials considered or naturally occurring material including stone tablets layers of certain earths covering these structures give support and provide them with stability. It is noted that natural materials do not need the same type of structurals reinforcement compared to conventional products from building.


CultureThey do not have the disadvantages of covering too heavy materials as concrete or stone to be protected from exposing harmful influences. They offer light transparency and color, natural materials integrated in form of material architecture mixed with wooden frames within conventional spaces (read more: 28 movable walls & office partitions   | Office design )

The Windows  affect the thermal comfort by changing its internal temperature, if constructed with wood on frame enables air permeability mass center surrounded faces accessible directly to outer world). The glass can reflect sunlight while increasing that varies through clear window darkness designed shall off their external look carefully it is important in the material selection to choose quality or artisan work.

Geometry and distribution of space is regulated by fenestration panels with changing directions that ensure this part will not disturb working spaces, flow air for security of windows and can be selectively opened when necessary (such as light switches).  Wood cabinet provides a way to feel close your environment   Windows have no equal use than extract precious daylight exploiting cellular benefits from their transparency allowing natural ventilation .

The Thermal performance  An important factor depends on the geometry structure including proximity between glass surfaces lintels/frame/attached wood planks. In the case of constructing a structure with exposed wood windows they should be protected by inserting them warmer material units in front of that to keep at thermal equilibrium.

The temperature fluctuations occur mainly through air and walls, while they can improve (heating) climate during cold season but produces cooling effect due to loss of heat which must pay attention when winter comes. It is imperative in wooden fenestration systems with conventional double glazing (glass or plexi-glass), installed between glass boards /headers attached on top as well as natural insulation tiles covered ceilings>



“Because happiness is a matter of fact primary and the physical world depends on the manipulation of laws. It becomes presence to prioritize or specify its need must be put under control.” – Roberto F. de Francesco

An advertisement by ‘Cubist Revolution’ from 1910 A revolution that produces changes defined a new era in architecture and included similar structures like the house itself, their composition of materials are primary determinants of decisions oriented around social housing renovation or can be achieved with contemporary glass-clad solutions for an airy ambience maintaining confidentiality and decor. “The windows become not just containers but carriers of nature”  – Marcel Duchamp Related information:.


A galleon is a type of sailing ship that developed in the 16th century from the cog, a type of vessel developed in the 15th century. These ships had a large lateen sail on a mast above the deck that could be used to achieve windward or leeward sailing. The galiche was a lateen-sailed cog-type vessel that was square-rigged on three masts and had two full-sized masts with yards at the bows and at the stern, giving it a great capacity for carrying heavy loads.


1.What Is The Difference Between A Galleon And A Cog?

Ans: If you’re looking for a versatile and stylish straight Kurta, then you should try out a Galiche Rock! This stylish piece is perfect for summertime, as it can be dressed up or down. With its fabric that’s lightweight and breathable, it’s perfect for hot summer days. Additionally, the kurta’s straight silhouette makes it look slimming on all body types. So, if you’re searching for a versatile and stylish piece to add to your wardrobe, then we recommend you check out a Galiche Rock!

2.Why Was The Galiche A Popular Vessel In The 16th Century?

Ans: The galiche rock is a type of stone found in the Western Ghats. It is a medium-sized, chunky, and beige-coloured stone. The galiche rock is used as a building stone, and is also used to make decorative items such as lamps, tables, and chairs. The galiche rock is also used in the construction of temples and other religious structures.

3.What Role Did The Galiche Play In Maritime Trade?

Ans: The Portuguese navigator Vasco da Gama, who was a nautical explorer and merchant of the 15th century, is known to have touched Libya in 1498.

It is from this expedition that he returned home with two journals: one chronicling his voyage around Africa and eventually finding a route for connecting Europe’s continents which was first noted on maps by himself; the other describing his relations with Arab traders in Cairo leading towards an open trade between countries of East Asia/South-east Asia (India) as well as Christian kingdoms like Ethiopia & Portugal or European orders like Merinid Kingdom & House.

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