High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation




High And Low (1963)


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What to do if you are a casual reader and often get confused when reading novels? Reading is not just something one should do, but it should also be something that you enjoy. Your good time is exactly what you deserve. So, why not treat yourself to an interesting novel right now? Learn the meaning and ending of High And Low (1963) by setting the book aside for a moment.

High And Low (1963)

The Meaning of the Movie

High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Meaning of the High and Low (1963) is a 1963 American romantic comedy film starring Natalie Wood, David Niven, Julie Andrews and Martin Landau. It was directed by Vincente Minnelli from a screenplay by John Patrick Shanley. The music score was composed by Charles Strouse and Lee Adams, with songs written by Burton Lane.

The film tells the story of two couples who are in love but live in different parts of New York City: one couple lives on the Upper East Side, while another couple lives on Park Avenue South. The movie explores how their differing lifestyles affect their relationships. The film received mixed reviews upon its release but has since gained critical acclaim over time as an under-appreciated classic film.

“The Meaning of the High and Low” won five Academy Awards out of eleven nominations: Best Actress (Natalie Wood), Best Supporting Actor (David Niven), Best Cinematography (Freddie Francis), Best Art Direction-Set Decoration (Robert Siskin, Pierre Lumière), and Best Song (“You’d Be So Nice to Come Home To”). It also received Golden Globe Award nominations for both “Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy” and “Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy”.

The Message of the Movie

High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Message of the High and Low (1963) is a movie directed by Robert Wise. It stars Richard Widmark, Laurence Harvey, and Joan Blondell.

This film was based on John Steinbeck’s short story “East of Eden”. The movie focuses on an Irish family living in America. Their life is turned upside down when they are forced to live in poverty due to the Great Depression. They lose their home and move into a small shack in which they stay for five years before finally finding work again at the end of the film.

Ending Explanation

High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The ending explanation of the High and Low (1963) movie is about how people’s dreams are fulfilled.

The main character in this movie is Bill Gifford who was a very successful butler and was hired by Thomas Reed, a wealthy businessman. He had two sons who were high school graduates who wanted to go to college.

They were very poor and couldn’t afford it. So Thomas Reed decided to give them an opportunity so they could pursue their education by giving them his wealth in exchange for working for him as his butler.

This gave them an opportunity to be able to do what they wanted and not have to worry about money problems anymore because their father helped them out financially, which made them more than happy and fulfilled.

The Main Idea of The Movie

High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The main idea of the movie is to show how money can be used in different ways. If you have $10,000, you could use it for any purpose such as buying a house or spending it on an expensive dinner. But if you had $100,000, you could use it to buy anything that you wanted.

In the movie there are two friends who want to spend their hard earned money in different ways and they end up making a lot of mistakes while doing so. One friend spends his money on gambling while another buys his girlfriend a nice car but he doesn’t know how to maintain them properly. So all these things cost him more than what he has spent initially and ends up losing everything including his girlfriend and job too!

Hidden Meaning of the Movie

The hidden meaning of the movie is that money can’t buy everything. In fact, it can sometimes be harmful if you spend too much money on things that aren’t important in life such as cars and gambling. At the end of the movie, everything is lost and in order to be happy we have to think about what really matters first.

If you’re too greedy or selfish with your money then eventually you will regret things as well. In conclusion, if any person wants to spend their hard earned money wisely without losing anything special like family member(spouse), job or other valuable possessions over time, he or she has to make sure that they don’t spend it without thinking about what really matters in life.

At the end of the film, all three friends learn their lesson and regret spending money on buying different useless things for daily usage rather than working hard to earn more money so as to live happy and comfortable lives with families around them at last.

Movie Symbolism

High And Low (1963) Meaning and Ending Explanation

The Symbolism of the High and Low (1963) is a movie that explores the subject of racism in America. The main character, Bill Doolin, is a white man who has been forced to work for a black boss at his new job.

When he goes back home on weekends, his family’s bigotry towards him becomes obvious. When he tries to get away from this abusive situation by going to another town, it is also revealed that there are other people with similar beliefs.

High And Low (1963) Movie was directed by Elia Kazan and written by Tennessee Williams in 1963. It stars Geraldine Page as Mary Dalton, Lee Marvin as Bill Doolin and Rip Torn as Tom Cantwell.


‘High and Low’ is a 1963 Chinese film directed by Chen Kaige. It takes place in a small town and tells the story of two couples: one wealthy, the other poor. During that time, there were several social movements in China related to economic disparity, this movie reminds us of their dramatic impacts on people’s everyday lives. Hope we could explore the meaning and ending of the movie in this post.


Who Was the Kidnapper in High and Low?

Rip Torn plays Tom Cantwell, the kidnapper in High and Low.

What Is Kurosawa’s Best Film?

It is “Seven Samurai”

A classic film that depicts the challenges of a group of farmers who are trying to defend their village from bandits. A group of samurai decide to help them out, only to realize they have no idea what they’re doing. In the end, it turns out they are better off not knowing and just going along with things.

The Seven Samurai is one of Akira Kurosawa’s most famous films, and has become a staple in Japanese cinema. The story follows seven samurai as they try to protect their village from a bandit attack by traveling there on horseback and forming an alliance with local villagers.

How Long Is High and Low Kurosawa?

High and Low is about 107 minutes long.

Is High and Low a Noir?

High and low is not a noir. It’s actually an expression that means “not quite”.

If you mean “are high and low a movie genre?” then yes, they are. However, it’s more commonly used as an adjective to describe something that is somewhere in between two other things: for example, someone who has big highs and lows in their life.

Is Crows Zero Related to High and Low?

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The team behind Crows Zero has stated that their system is not related to HiGH and low or any other projects that have similar goals but all three are based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

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