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The Green Mile 1999


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The Green Mile 1999’ is American crime fiction, a drama film based on novel by Stephen King’s novel of the same name. This film was directed by Frank Darabont. The Green Mile tells the story of life and death at the state penitentiary known as “Green Mile.”

A convicted killer named John Coffey (Hanks) is sentenced to die by the electric chair but miraculously survives his sentence. He is transferred to a solitary confinement wing where he gradually starts to show signs of rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the prison’s warden (Duncan) and his deputies try to find a way to kill Coffey without drawing attention to them.

The Green Mile 1999

The meaning of this mystery movie:

The Green Mile is a 1999 American film. The title refers to death row inmate John Coffey, who may or may not be able to communicate with his spiritual advisor through a green mist that appears before him at night while dreaming (a “green mile” in prison slang). The Green Mile movie begins outside Willard State Penitentiary where inmates are digging up history books.

The Green Mile is a film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. Directed by Frank Darabont, it stars Tom Hanks as Death Row inmate John Coffey and Michael Clarke Duncan as prison guard Paul Edgecomb.

The film’s setting is Louisiana State Penitentiary in Angola, where Coffey (who has been convicted for killing two men) serves time under Edgecomb. It features adapted dialogue from some sections of the book with minor changes to accommodate.

The story follows Paul Edgecomb (Tom Hanks) as he attempts to enforce justice in Death Row at a prison near Mississippi known as “the Green Mile” due to its color-coded electric chair. The story follows Paul as he tries to balances his job and the fact that Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) has ESP abilities.

Was Michael Clarke Duncan in this film?

Michael Clarke Duncan is an American actor and producer. He has appeared in over 180 films and television shows throughout his career, making him one of the world’s most recognized actors. Here he played Stormy Dennis’s character, in this movie.

Stormy Dennis is a racist, violent convict who is one of the main antagonists in the film. He’s very mean to both John Coffey and Steve Williams, not caring about their feelings at all. Overall, he’s just a bad person who doesn’t deserve anything good in life.

What was Tom Hank’s role?

Tom hank’s performance as Paul Edgecomb is considered a classic by critics. In 1998, Tom was the recipient of several accolades for his role in The Green Mile: Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama; Screen Actors Guild Award, Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble Cast, and Academy Awards Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Director nominations.

Who was Bonnie Hunt?

The Green Mile is a 1999 American drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont. It stars Tom Hanks, David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, Michael Clarke Duncan, and Barry Pepper. The movie was based on Stephen King’s 1994 novel of the same name which also features Bonnie Hunt in a non-credited role as Paul Edgecomb’s wife Brenda; she made her feature debut in this film.

Ending of the movie

Ending of the Movie

Michael Jeter (tom hanks) is one of two guards working on death row at a prison in the latter half of the twentieth century. He has a brother, mark Jeter (a guard who’s portrayed by Michael Clarke Duncan), and an older sister, eve Brent Elaine Connelly. His other famous inmate is Brutus “brutal” Howell (played by Michael Jeter), whom john Coffey tries to befriend because his victim experiences a form of post-traumatic stress disorder from being killed as well.

Michael Stanfield Jeter (nick Holloway) is the attorney for legendary football player Preston stern and others in their class-action lawsuit against Rockwell enterprises, which uses its monopoly to manipulate stock prices by purchasing millions off each piece of paper that lists it on exchanges around the country.

He asks tom hanks’ character Michael Stanfield why Ian Roberts, the representative for Rockwell enterprises, a majority stakeholder in Preston stern’s sports network, doesn’t let Jeter see any of his tapes.

Michael Stanfield Jeter (nick Holloway) is one of charlie colored eggs’ lawyers at law firm kern & co., and as such has to take on death penalty cases because it’s what he does best. Hank cook also appears in this movie, as the prosecutor for charlie colored eggs.

Jeter is the profiler who studied charges that Mounties had raped a young boy taken in by their station. Although he could have used their testimonies to prove there was no semen smelled in these man’s underwear after his arrest for drugging and raping him, because of pressure from other agencies (like Michael Oher), they ended up finding another suspect.

Key Characters

You must know the characters properly to know more. The cast includes Michael Clarke Duncan as the racist Stormy Dennis, Isaiah Washington as cruel Captain Byron Hadley, David Morse as the gentle Bonzo, Frank Darabont in an uncredited role, and many more actors. Have a look.

Doug Hutchison

Doug Hutchison

Doug Hutchison, a viciously brutal prison guard responsible for the torture and murder of one death row inmate while serving life in an adjacent cell with another man whose innocence he still believes despite evidence to the contrary. The film features two other guards: (Michael Jeter), who protects prisoners from harm but simultaneously likes to see their suffering; and Billy.

Black man

Black man

In the Green Mile, the black man will be there to help his man. This movie is not based on a true story but it has some interesting facts about a black man and African American race.

This film shows how people are very different in their way as they all have something that brings value to them. There’s comedy and drama in this film and you can feel yourself being happy or sad while watching this black man appear at certain moments of the movie because he plays an important role.

The important event of the movie:

Harry Terwilliger is the protagonist in The Green Mile, the 1996 novel by Stephen King. He is a warden at Death Row and the main antagonist of Paul Edgecomb. Stephen King’s The Green Mile was optioned by Peter Jackson to be made into a feature film in 1997.

In the 1990 film The Green Mile, Tom Hanks plays Paul Edgecomb who is a death row inmate serving time on Death Row. At first, he is portrayed as an unruly prisoner but later in the story becomes friends with some of his fellow inmates and helps them to win their freedom while staying alive himself by providing information that proves they are innocent of their crimes.

Arlen better buck is one of the characters in The Green Mile. He was guilty of multiple murders and decapitated a child.

Ending Explained:

One of the most interesting aspects of this film is that it does not often show, in a realistic way, how violence affects the characters. In “The Green Mile”, Tom Hanks’ character has been involved with various violent acts throughout his life without suffering psychological scarring or becoming an evil person. It’s possible to be engaged with these events yet remain somewhat detached from them; clearly, Stanton shows no such detachment at all – he serves as a perfect example of what can happen!


The Green Mile is an adaptation of Stephen King’s best-selling novel, The Green Mile Derek Straight plays John Coffey who was sentenced to death for the murder of two prison guards in a Louisiana mental institution but whose innocence is later proven with the help from hero Mark “Bull” Watson (Michael Clarke Duncan).


1.What Is Your Rating For The Movie “The Green Mile 1999”?

Ans. I give the movie a rating of 7 out of 10. The movie is about a man called Paul Edgecomb who spends most of his time in prison. The film is an adaptation of the Stephen King book “The Green Mile”.

2.Who Was In The Lead Role Of This Movie?

Ans. This movie was directed by Peter Jackson and was starred by Michael Douglas, Tom Hanks, and Gary Oldman.

3.What Type Of Movie Is This?

Ans. It is a Drama because it has lots of action, tension, and fear throughout its whole running time course. In other words, there are enough emotions involved to keep one entertained from start till finish with no exception! I would rather have a movie that gives the viewer some messages.

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