The Hunt 2012 FAQ



The Hunt 2012 FAQ


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The hunt is a classic puzzle game and one amongst the most popular games of its kind. The game has been played in almost every country all over the world, and it has found a loyal following. It is played with two people against each other. Each player takes turns placing tokens on the board to form an ascending or descending chain reaction.

The Hunt 2012 FAQ

All Discussion Of The Hunt 2012

Is the Hunt 2012 a True Story?

The answer is no. While the Hunt was a well organized international event in its time, it has suffered from many things over the years, most of them caused by people who were afraid that they would not be able to win at this game!

What Happened at the End of the Hunt 2012?

I was not there. The stories I have heard are as numerous as the people who told me them, so can you believe that we only got a short description of it? One person’s story sounded like this: “… they ended up in a hellish place with no sun and big cats roaming around…” Who knows if any truth lies behind these tales and what really happened at that time.

What Is the Hunt 2012 About?

Hunting for Rowans. The description of the hunt 2012 was supposed to be about a search for three mystic berries in medieval-looking locations around the world, with one winner leaving his mark on two worlds by carving out a rowan tree and leaving there some breadcrumbs that would lead him back home ever so easily.

Is the Hunt 2012 Worth Watching?

It is. The hunt 2012 was a journey through the world in search of beauty, art and knowledge from which all three can be learned on more than one level. Each event at Hunt brings with it many different events that take place over multiple days in various locales including ancient castles, cathedrals and monuments as well as home-made exhibitions called ‘stiches’ or even houses made entirely out of bread – go figure!

Is the Hunt 2012 a Horror Movie?

Not really. There are many horror movies about zombies, werewolves and horror in general being spread by vampires out of the sewers right into the apartment building where a group slumbers at night – but this is only supposed to be entertainment filmed for fun… they do not hunt people like you did sooo long ago!

What’s a Manor Gate?

A manor gate was a mechanism for controlling entry into and exit from the home. It is used to create exits in places like towers, castles or private homes as well as prisons.

What Is the Hunt With Mads Mikkelsen About?

A hunt that is taken place in medieval England. In the 12th century a group of people rode out onto an unknown island to find rowan trees with chests and bread at their feet or hidden within them – they did not know it yet, but each was supposed to prove his valour against four other brave men who were also looking for these riches all around the world!

Is the Hunt Swedish?

Yes and no. While the characters in this series are all from England as per modern-day, English is not really a default language for Sveriges Television to film with. They use Swedish instead which stands alone! Maybe that’s why when hunting 2012 was filmed on Gotland it seemed more authentic..

What Language Is the Hunt 2012 in?

I speak and understand English, Swedish and German – (unfortunately only just a bit of French). The hunt is in English with subtitles. I think that was true for the first season too! So maybe you will be able to pick up on something if you are interested.

Who Shot Mads?

I mean REALLY SHOT HIM!! That had to hurt badly!  How did they do that ?

They shot him with an arrow. Not especially hard… He just felt a jab as if someone had touched his shoulder. It’s pretty typical how one would feel when hit by an arrow – and yes he was skewered or manured

What Is the Meaning Behind the Hunt?

I’ve worked with some of the very best in television and cinema for years as a producer. Typically, when you do that it always means working on something where you have to take care of everything from script to set building how actors look, what order things are done in (Peter Sabermann is tipped by many here) etc.

Do It or Not Movie?

My attitude throughout the process has never been, do it or not. Usually when I feel that about a project it means there is something missing of either quality or content within a script and you don’t want to put in more time if it does’nt live up to what was promised from the first look at it.

Why Did Klara Lie in the Hunt?

I can’t tell you exactly how that played out. But I have a feeling it is connected with the decision to lie about her age, although she never lied specifically about it . She might well decide later on whether or not she even wants to continue in the game. She took up one of my companies’. (Nordkraft) For more information read

Will There Be a Hunt 2?

Of course there will. Whether it’s based on “The Retrieval of The Spear” or something completely new is being decided now that the script has been confirmed as my next project

What Kind of Events and Extracurriculars Can We Expect in the Hunt(Exams, Parties)?

You have to be careful … I’ve seen so many movies where you do a film like this but nobody actually lives it out on set. So there would need to be more focus on creating real story situations and relationships rather than going through all kinds of boring exercises

What Country Is the Hunt Set in?

It takes place in Sweden but we’d most likely shoot parts of it in Iceland because there are places to set those kinds of scenes, nature and weather that match with the novel.

Are You Writing a New Script Now?

If so what kind of scripts do you read/write yourself usually people either write things they want to see on screen or else adapt books- you prefer one these two types of works Would

Why Is the Hunt Rated R?

The hunt 2012 is not a horror video – it just contains scenes that are connected to the preparation of films and television. The hunt itself can hardly be called R, because you only encounter ghosts on your way through ancient castles built upon horrors from ages past; but some parts contain bloody murders for you to experience first-hand.


No, he does not! I think we in the industry refer to these kind of people as ‘Angel’s.’

So when my producer friends worked with him on a movie they always said that at night after filming is over you should definitely hang out and have some ‘Heidrun’.. more Heids. She took up one of my companies’. (Nordkraft) For more information read

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