The Iron Giant Meaning and Ending



The Iron Giant Meaning and Ending


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Iron Giant, an animated film produced by Warner Bros. Pictures in 1999, tells the story of a boy named Hogarth Hughes and his pet monster called Grimm who live in the city of Rockwell, USA. The story’s main characters are Hogarth’s best friend Cameron, a girl he loves who lives next door to him, and the giant robot Iron Giant that Hogarth has befriended. Iron Giant is a very interesting film. I did not think that the movie was deep enough, but the symbolism of the film got me thinking about our world and life in general. The Iron Giant is an extremely popular film which has been made for children and young adults and it is based on a comic book. The story follows a boy called Hogarth Hughes who lives in small town USA.

The Iron Giant Meaning and Ending

The Iron Giant Movie Meaning

The Iron Giant is the name of an American animated feature film produced by Warner Bros. Pictures and released in 1999, directed by Brad Bird (who was at Walt Disney Studios when working on The Incredibles) with animation provided primarily by Japan’s Studio 4Ⅱ.

Some critics consider it to be a remake of World War II vintage cartoon character Woody Woodpecker or perhaps based off model kits issued under that title as toys marketed towards children, so I am pushing the interpretation and connection of this character to “Woody” here. Upon seeing a mysterious titan that wreaks havoc in his neighborhood, Hogarth Hughes befriends it after discovering its broken-down condition on an abandoned trailer site owned by Carnation Instant Milk Co., where he lives with his widowed mother Nina and sister Winnie (who may or not have gone missing). He brings the robot onto school grounds but is teased for mistaking it for an alien by others.


His discovery helps turn his life around, as well for him to befriend a classmate (Cameron Phillips) whose father is bringing home the potential new president of America. The giant falls into love with Betty who is soon deeply affected by her affections and even tries romancing Hogarth’s mom Nina in which she does everything to stop coming between them but also help them all solve their problem together.

Also, Carnation Instant Milk Co. was a major company packaged in small cans at the time, which people would throw away, wasting milk (I know I do all too often). So, we can see Hogarth wanting to bring this giant back into reality and also our hero does have feelings for Winnie so doesn’t want her escaping about his mother Nina having an affair with President Eisenhower.

“Treasure Island” is subtitled “Thru miller in the Air,” and is really a sappiness wrapped up as an adventure. This film notably stars Sylvia Sidney and Charles Bronson, who brought more comedy (in their portrayal of Leonard Swofford; a Commodore in Captain Flint’s crew) at that time for all to follow. Our protagonists are two juvenile thieves who try to rob ‘one last heist’ from millionaire Henry Alford until they are caught by his security guard Lieutenant Clay.

Alloys And Girders

The Iron Giant is a robot, but not in the traditional sense. It is more of a giant metal man than it is an automaton. The film makes this point explicitly by having Hogarth say that the Giant was made from “alloys and girders” and not from the fabled “welded scrap metal of Earth.” The special effects were quite complex for a low-budget production.

It may have felt like it was born in all its mechanical steel, but actually, at great cost to huge amounts of food and drink (literally), creating Iron Giant took 8 months going through 10 people including ones who worked on his mouth which was almost too big for her face how did they do this? The movie shows that the Iron Giant never shuts down, eating at a fast pace to keep you watching.


In an “imaginative” twist ending/coda of sorts dialog is uttered between Hogarth Jones and his mother as he plans on getting her off death row by returning his hardware machine (where can there be gold in here?). In one sentence she tells him not to let anyone else copy it for fear that it might allow anyone else to take over the world (a none too subtle joke about her role in it all?). She also tells him not to be disappointed in his old friend Hogarth, which he responds.

Mr. Keaton feels “that an action picture was best for me.” He stated that if a studio wanted someone more mature then Richard beckon would have been better and possibly before Mr. Ziomek.

The Iron Giant Ending Summery

The Iron Giant Ending Summery

Hogarth Jones (Brendan Fraser) hairdo was completely different then his in the movie. The ending goes to complex.

Side Note: In the “Creature Comforts” episode of Funny or Die, Chad Smith heard that he should never have been made into an Iron Giant because it would ruin his image as a drummer when he is asked to play in five bands this month. He agrees, admitting that he hates the notion of being portrayed as a cartoon character. First and last lines “I can’t ask you to do it” said by Hogarth Jones (Stanley Tucci).

Final Ending

The Iron Giant is a film about a giant robot that was built by a young boy named Hogarth Hughes. The robot is controlled by a young girl named Sophie and her father, who is the head of the military. The robot goes on a rampage after being exposed to radiation from an atomic bomb test.

The movie is about ordinary people who were forced to act on their instincts as evil power kept destroying the world. What would happen if we turned good and just did the right thing? Would it be enough in order for this Iron Giant that was created by Hogarth Jones, to stop some of those evil doers from taking over the world? This film shows us that someone with common sense can become extraordinary when they have a kind heart of course.

The Iron Giant is about man’s thirst for power, ambition and believing in what you want to be. If we pass by this film with an open mind and take it as a very important message then nothing will stay the same anymore because if Hogarth Jones didn’t try to stop them how would everyone know that he was trying? The movie the iron giant has a lot of depth politically which can show us what different people think about razzes.

Why You Should Watch The Iron Giant

  • The Iron Giant is a movie that you can take your kids to see. There will be no scary parts and nothing bad will happen if they watch it with their parents around.
  • The message in this film is very important especially at the beginning of our time people were seeing how much was changing how everything was falling apart we needed something like Hogarth Jones who tried his best not to hurt anyone.
  • A lot of kids act on their guts, they let themselves be influenced by what people tell them. Taking this film to life I really think that it would have made a big impact in writing little Hogarth Jones’s The Iron Giant book with the same message we got from the movie.
  • In order to get more information about all these movies go online and find out where you can watch them for free or how much it costs to see them.


The Iron Giant is a children’s film that is suitable for your own enjoyment. If they watch it with their parents around, there will have no scary parts and nothing bad will arise. The message in this film is very important, especially because people were watching how much was changing how everything was breaking apart, we needed something like Hogarth Jones, who went his hardest not to give anyone any damage.


What Happened At The End Of The Iron Giant?

At the end of The Iron Giant, Hogarth Jones goes off to war and sets him up by destroying his (Hogarth’s) house so that he can fight for the freedom of all living beings. But maybe this was partially foreshadowed by the fact his parents hung up a flag and put old military equipment in front of their door: His dad had joined The Runaway Mountain based on it, helping to End War.

How Old Is Hogarth Jones In The Movie?

Hogarth was nine years old at first when he finds out his parents are dead and also discovered his Lockheed. The very next day, it’s been years since they died but Hogarth still looks like an eight-year-old child because He grew quickly throughout those hours after discovering them, finding himself an older than what he really supposed to be 16.

What Does The Iron Giant Say Before He Died?

The Iron Giant simply replied “I’m so sorry” before he fell to his death. To clarify, it wasn’t even a verbal after-death attempt but rather him just having been killed by the impact of being hurled off The Rockwell and crashing into Barba papa’s house, same as Hogarth Jones went on an intense search for and was raised from childhood by Joan Therapee in 1964; there are already hints that this could have happened.

What Else Would You Like Your Fans To Know About The Iron Giant?

I don’t want any more robots. But more of a boy in an old man’s body; He was forced into using guns after his parents told him he couldn’t have one when he grew up then once they passed away without being discovered by people, Robot had no choice but use them

Did You Like The Movie The Iron Giant?

I loved it, it was cut from a half hour to 97 minutes and the storyline wasn’t improved in any way by that. It’s still funny but I liked what they left intact after doing so many edits on The Iron Giant: seeing all of his adopted family members faces instead, etc.

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