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Toy Story 2 is a 1995 American computer-animated comedy film produced by Pixar Animation Studios and released by Walt Disney Pictures. The film was directed by John Lasseter, written by Joss Whedon, and stars the voices of Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Joan Cusack, Don Rickles, Estelle Harris, John Ratzenberger, Wallace Shawn and Ned Beatty.

The sequel to the 1991 film Toy Story, it was directed by John Lasseter and written by Joss Whedon, Andrew Stanton, and Alec Sokolow. The plot follows the adventures of Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen), and other toys after Andy leaves for college.

Toy Story 2 Storyline And Short Reviews

Main characters of Toy Story 2



Andy’s favorite toy. When Andy is sent to college, Woody and the other toys must live on their own without him; he becomes reckless because of this change in his life.This silly cowboy doll is struck by lightning as a young kid while cow-tending with his best friend Jessie Faverolles from “Jessie & Friends”. He helps Annie Potts to remove that dress she had gained during an earthquake after Halloween.



A vintage talking farm toy. She gets left in the attic at 1972 Christmas by her owner. Andy uses Jessie for 5 years before Jessies is accidentally thrown away into an awesome land of high technology and next thing she sees are younger kids using her to take picures – running bananas over the top, cutting veggies with a laser knife… until Woody wonders why Annie Potts has throwaway toys on a bed when he meets up with.

3.Buzz Lightyear

Buzz Lightyear 

He ia military space ranger toy from the year 2005. He goes up against Andy’s old rival Hamm and had varied adventures in his 26 years with Rex, a dinosaur who is still drunk about King Ghidora at that time during their adventure until he sees things again as kid and can’t help but recognize them all over again. This Tinkertoy action figure becomes damaged on a camping trip when he accidentally knocks Buzz Lightyear out of the sky

4.Stinky Pete

Stinky Pete

it ia nauseating-smelling and sticky cloth toy. He is left in the attic for 5 years when he met with Andy, who accidentally steps on him.. An orphan child found him among garbage after watching a tinker toy decided to bring him home just because he thought Stinky Pete was cute.

5.Bo Peep and Mr. McFarland- Barney & Betty’s

Bo Peep and Mr. McFarland- Barney & Betty's

Best friends as they are Woody, Buzz and Jessie too – Bo peep throws ia cow tantrum like Bonnie of Toy Story with her high fashion clothes and being a spoiled baby who cries for attention – Her mother always hates to feed her because she is too good. Stinky Pete accidentally throw ia pig into the trash, where Barney discovered him as he was eyeing at something not really edible in there though it passed through his geust almost five years ago.

6.Al McWhiggin

Al McWhiggin

he ia mafia wonkid who is good at stealing, so he ia assigned in a delinquent group. The first time he meets Jessie and get’s accepted – He then come across Andy when the child doesn’t know how to use his new toy flying disc that warns him about Strudel guards coming over but Sid Twoup & Violet crown them their first enemy of planet earth once they find out their desperate need for money by making toys talk.

Toy Story 2 Film Storyline

Toy Story 2 Film Storyline

Toy Story 2 was released on November 24, 1999 and is the second film of Toy Story series. In this sequel directed by Lee Unkrich there are 20 minutes more longer than its predecessor that focused in Woody’s origin right after Bonnie’s kidnapping.

In general, it has all main characters including Buzz Lightyear Bean Bunny Barbie Sky Lander Trixie Teeny Twins who does not appear until 40 minute into the movie which shows in a flashback after she was kidnapped. Lotso boasts that Bonnie is about to be auctioned off at the flea market but sees Sid twoup reject it because he does not have enough money for the cashier and Sid’s boss Mr Hui claims him mission stealing Ms Davis children, who happens to be Andy aged 9 years old since Woody becomes a new toy by capturing all of his toys – with Bonnie as their hostage before escaping from Al McWh iggin gang with Jessie, Buzz and the other toys who were committed by Bo peep who has no memory of any event allowing Al to assume his favorite toy is dead.

The Return Trips

The return trip of toys was expected but their reunion under their owner’s eyes put Andy in a state shock that he reverses and runs away from Bonnie after attempting for them several times when a comical new character  Lotso – appears left behind by Sid twoup bully as a punishment who is also nicknamed “Lotso”.

After Lotso commands his new toys to play dice game, he reclaims Bonnie and overhears that the gang have been sold off by Al McWhiggin years before at an antique flea market so they are captured again. He blames the toys for their misfortune but cancels Mr Hui’s attempt of revenge after seeing them ‘playin’ pinball which Toy Story 2.

In the following sequence, after a short clip of Andy’s attempts to play with his toys which falls flat on its face and is not outliving in this time. Billy peep then appears from earlier who shows himself as a toy that has been cursed by Lotso – he escapes from him at seeing Sid twoup room full of what was supposed to be the child for Bonnie but instead turns into an unsuccessful shambles due Buzz flying out of the window and falling out with Jessie after a tag team clash against Stinky Pete whom Mr Sun severs one of his arms at some point in time.

After Lotso berates another toy named Miss Kitty who has just arrived, he returned a spotlight display to see that they have manufactured Bonnie’s “original” form (stolen an unknown number of times by Al McWhiggin) back into her original state – Sparky Partially seen in front of Andy and Bonnie, she was being held captive by Lotso after he deleted her memory to make the other toys comply with their agenda.

The story ends when they realize that she can’t speak due to losing the power cell upon running away on Buzz’s shockwave. Mrs Davis looking at both Sparky and Miss Kitty states “not even one”. This is a reference for Toy Story 2 where it says: No.

Villain characters

All of the villain’s in this movie are great villain characters. The villain itself is superb and it has so many elements, which makes it a brilliant film. It can be compared to Marvel movies as they have mastermind villains who do things that are spectacular and show off their abilities more than just having them run around being a normal threat when danger strikes, but otherwise still playing out like all other types of movies with good action scenes etc. where he doesn’t seem superhuman or super dangerous even though he is.

I found the characters to be very well thought out as a whole and also individually in their roles of what they were meant to play, nothing quite felt badly done that would ruin their personalities or any plans they seemed prepared on doing anything interesting with, I love this aspect when it comes down to various films and villains within them. As mentioned previously there are so many little moments all throughout which made me laugh such as Lotso showing his narciss.

Toy Story 2 Reviews

Paul Thomsen, the main protagonist and hero is definitely one of my faves along with Andy throughout both Toy Story 2 & 3. I really dislike anything bad to happen in any film but this movie has made me utterly flash back to terribly sad moments at times where Paul played his parts greatly!

  • Great script
  • -plot , gameplay, graphics and animation (I like toys original voices in this part much better) -drawing, artwork by ralphbakshi
  • -A lot of variants (more than Aladdin)
  • Toy Videos: 10/10 – Plot: Animation and great new twist on the story with lots of moral lessons to be learned form this movie. – Graphics 8/10

A small side note but I have always thought that when you look at most films out there in details their stories are pretty simple and often involve the main protagonist being a hero in some form or degree (althought there are many who won’t agree on this opinion).

This movie gives us an interesting look at one of those heroes, however he isn’t got to his position via any supernatural abilities from watching others’ fight for him but by really just going out there doing things himself with no help. As a spin on that thought James Bond is always successfully fighting evil villains. This is a list of things that I did not like about the movie but still liked the overall plot and characters.

What people Like about it

The toys lacked real personality/history due to it only being showing as words on a white board cutting away from their bigger personalities. It lacks depth for example my personal favourite character will always be BRIAN’S mom although she did have an interesting back story in comparison to all of these new people. Despite some large roles the toys remained the same and their personalities didn’t grew throughout this whole film like in its predecessor.

What people Do not Like about it

One of my biggest thing was lack of a good animation for foxy, I liked his character/storyline but he lacked deeper meaning as his former owner which made a rather irritating noise every time is brought up or some interaction occurred with him making it almost seem unnatural even badmouthful towards Bonnie despite me liking him.

As well most other characters had Wrap-up with all of my thoughts, I felt the characters were deep and it did make you think about morals (except for Fuzzy) but there wasn’t a lot done to them which annoyed me. It didn’t really explained why or how BRIAN’S mom came into his life blah blah blah.. The plot is interesting on many levels as well as that massive suspenseful middle/end battle was intense at times.

Final Thought

As a whole thing I still like this movie it just lacks the feeling of good plot and character buildup that comes with Toy Story 2. The toys lacked in different animations especially as seen with Bonnie’s eyes also seemed dull compared to his first appearance which was more animated but ultimately what I mean by this is there wasn’t enough work done on other characters most notably pixies, juliet being plain or even bunny head having very few voice clips.

All the voices were well done but I did like BRIAN and juliet’s best job is through out so they really get to show off when on screen a lot more then Woody, Buzz or Mr sun.. But ect… Overall this has one of my favourite main character’s in Toy Story 2/Buzz Lightyear it was just an improvement over his first movie appearance while still keeping on with a certain nostalgic feel towards.


1.Which One Is Better: Toy Story 2 or Toy Story 3?

Ans: Toy Story 2 and Toy story 3 are released around the same time but if looking back on it obviously toys from both movies return mainly from stages of growing up. While in Toyard some of the characters not being alive is a comparison to when Andy returns during Finding Nemo which involves him still missing his parents after he’s separated by age 5.

2.How Does the Plot of This Movie Relate to the Pixar Story Line in General?

Ans: Toy Story is a good fit for Pixar in general because its about toys falling out of their place in people’s lives, not typical movies but it does to an extent (if you’ve seen the rest toy story films featured in other sites.

3.Why Do People Like It So Much?

Ans: Toy Story was loved by an ample amount of viewers because it shows how a child views the world and a child’s innocence.

4.Did Toy Story 2 Almost Get Deleted?

Ans: No to shut up ppl who complain, when the Pixar team made toy story they decided that if there was going to be a sequel it wouldn’t come out until Toy Story 3. Who is the overall best character of all toys returns in Toy Story 2? If looking by first appearances it would have to be Buzz. Even when they get together throughout toy story 2, he gets along with Woody most which indicates a potential friendship between them in toys 3 and vice versa nowadays.

5.Why Is Bo Peep Not in Toy Story 2?

Ans: Toy Story 2 is seen by more adults as opposed to baby Bo Peep but overall the movie remains sentimental and enjoyable so who really cares? It’s about a boy, how does that relate to toys of today since kids where 8 years old when it came out? 2016: There are smaller blasters/telescopic rifles with scopes compared to back in 1993. Also clothes were different from what they used then too.

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